A World Without Sex

I’ve met a lot of people in my life who says that they do not, in anyway, discriminate sexes. But unfortunately, down the road, they are quite unaware that they are actually very sexist.


“I kind of like the idea how we

don’t dwell on how imperfect we were born”

There are some things that stayed in my mind that my professors taught. Awkwardly for me because I’m an engineering student, one of the highlights goes like this: there are stuffs in life that are actually accidental, not a car accident or a slip on the floor, but things that you don’t have control to before you were even born; for such, the color of your hair is accident (blonde, brunette, red), the color of your eye, your race and mostly your physical attributes. Yeah, this is in Philosophy class anyway. But what made it stick in my mind even if it was some years ago is that I kind of like the idea how we don’t dwell on how imperfect we were born. That one supposedly minor lesson, I’m due to forget and just remember the formulas, changed a lot to my understandings of the more sensitive topics that we have to think about as a concern human being.

You see, even ‘sex’ – as in either male/female – is just an accident. There are no games that our Creator let your parents play to determine which way you shall go. And in this context it is saddening how this modern day era still pulls off some sexist words or acts that we see on almost daily basis.


james bluntSome people will never understand this idea. As I’ve said, people think they do not discriminate people by sex but they actually do. I talk to a lot of people who thinks that color defines a sex. For once, “Color has no gender.” Pink is not a masculine or feminine or gay, not at all. It just happens that the color Pink has a soft feature. There is nothing wrong with a red coat or an orange one because it doesn’t make you girly or whatever that’s sexist idealism going on inside your mind. Well of course, depends on the occasion or event. Another common idealism is that songs have gender. For me that sounds rather ridiculous. I am once told by my Literature Professor that in any literary piece, be it a novel or poem, the author should be considered dead. That means the one the literary is pertaining to when it says words “I” or “me” is not the author but the character. Sure, poems and stories can be cracked down if you will consider that author’s life and feelings the time he/she is writing, but that’s only if you are in a classroom and want to break every word that were used. But say, in a song, if James Blunt sings ‘You’re beautiful …’ it doesn’t mean he is only referring to a woman because, in all fairness to the idea of non-sexist, men can be beautiful as well. And the same way, when Lady Gaga sings Poker Face, it doesn’t automatically aims from a girl to a guy because, again, the singer is dead. It is merely just a representation of some sort. Representation just like the pagans used the image of a sun to mean god.


I had a dream once while I’m trying to make myself fall asleep. A world disregarding sexes. A world who doesn’t let accidental physical features fool each and every one of us. A world who doesn’t see women unreliable, or vice versa. A surrounding of peace and equality.

Typhoon Maring Exposes How Weak Philippines Structures Are

Our family has been heavily affected by the typhoon Maring. At 3:00 am last Monday, Aug. 19, 2013, I am supposed to go to a swimming out of town but only for me to realize that flood is slowly evading the insides of our home. First only on the ankle level, then legs and then up to knees and peaked up to my chest. But our home is just within a small town; Philippines is compose of islands. Tuning into the news in the television, you’ll see a whole lot more unfortunate events than what I’ve experienced. Bodies missing, floods over the head, sick children and … structures giving up to the disaster. The latter, for me, is so unbearable to watch, unacceptable. Not that these failure of structures is the only source of tragic but it could have been better if these structures have helped instead of brought more problems.



I’m a Civil Engineering student myself and I should be defending why these structures have failed. But then, people are rational and I don’t think it is rational to defend these Engineers (and politicians?) that made these structures.

I believe what we are paying

in tax is enough for us to

create a road that needs not

reconstruction twice a year

According to what I’ve seen in the news, I can name a few of these failure of structures. The road in the Ninoy Aquino Avenue, Tarlac City have a very long scar that is in danger of extending up to the Ninoy Aquino Bridge. The road and bridge have been closed for some time to avoid further damages. Some river walls in Pampanga and Noveleta, Cavite also gave up and has damages too. The Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX) is probably one of the most seriously damaged in the height of the typhoon. The whole width of the expressway and length of more than a yard settled in the river below from the concrete road down to the foundation.

In the Province of Cavite again, the Tanza Dam got destroyed killing no less than 5 people. However, its not only in Tanza, Cavite but all major dams in the Philippines are pushed to their limits and left many people who’ll be affected if these dams gave in very, very nervous. In Sta. Rosa, Laguna, the road also collapsed along with some walls that could provided the people some shield against the flood. Unfortunately, more than 50 houses were destroyed.

These events extended up to Manila, Philippines’ capital city. It is so unappetizing to see the Lagusnilad, one of the major underpass highway, to be filled with rain water. Espana Avenue, as expected, experienced severe flooding too and a whole lot other streets which, after all these that we’re experiencing typhoons year in & year out, still show no improvement.


There are a lot of explanations as to why these happens. However, there are a lot of explaining to be done, too, why these still happens. Why we don’t have a remedy when we should have had decades ago. We are in a tropical country; meaning, we only have sun & rain that’s why I do not understand why we can’t prevent these flooding and dying and tragedies to happen. I’m telling you, fellow Filipinos, these are the things that can ruin a good government and a slowly climbing economy. Let’s not scare away investors and capitalists. I believe what we are paying in tax is enough for us to create a road that needs not reconstruction twice a year. We don’t need sub-par materials only to give-in on times when we could have used that road to relocate our countrymen in a safer place in times of horror.

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Charice Pempengo: Choice Between Family And Herself

ccIt is very uncomfortable to watch and hear how a mother can both be reassuring and disturbing at the same time. This is probably what Charice Pempengo is struggling right now. She is in the middle of a mental confusion, and gender if you’ll consider it, that can be a result from so many factors. She’s still young, free-spirited and full of ambitions. She once took the Hollywood in awe amazement by her singing prowess and we, Filipinos, believe she still has a long way to travel. Although this gender issue is not just kept inside the rims of their home, it is publicly being televised by many networks; of course with their permissions. Both Charice and her mother, Rachelle Pempengo, have been to numerous interviews already. Does these commercials can help Charice’s career or will it back fire?
Are The Stars Still Reachable?

Charice Pempengo first appeared on US tv at the Ellen de Generes show then at Oprah Winfrey’s. A couple concert cameo performance such on Celine Dion stage and even released an album with her single, Pyramid featuring Iyaz. She also guessed a couple times at a singing drama series, Glee. But shortly, she came back to the Philippines and got some guesting and shows. She was then a woman until she revealed she wasn’t. To be honest, the gender is not the major issue here. Mommy Rachelle’s concern is not primarily on it as well. The main peak of controversy is whether the US television will still want her or not. There’s no point in denying that although some tends to disregard that fact. Will she still be as a legit performer as when she’s a ‘she’?

cI believe she still got it. She still have the charm (although not in the same manner as before). The voice doesn’t change when you change gender. You can force it to but it will come back to form. Nevertheless, to say that Charice’s voice is powerful is still an understatement. This teen is packed with a voice of a thousand choir sopranos all combined. Do hollywood want that kind of quality? To be honest, there is less market for Charice even is she’s a full girl. I mean, we Filipinos are naturally small and brown. So to ask if the world want her? A big NO. (‘Cause they want autotune). But, there’s a but, I can confidently say that hollywood ‘need’ her. The world still needs to fulfill the likes of Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Aretha Franklin; and Charice can be one of the younger generations to follow the legend’s steps.

Charice And Mother Issue

Planned and decided: these are the words that can perfectly describe Charice’s sudden unengagement to her home in Tagaytay. Of course, that comes along leaving her mother and brother in lone. But why did she did such rebellous act? Please don’t mistaken my choice of word, she is not undergoing rebellion. It is just that I understand how she feels. She felt like a chick who wanted to go out of her eggshell but her mother kept sitting on it. That can be one of the worst feeling ever: suppresion. Charice probably realized how it is possible that today is her last day or that the dinner last night might not to be followed anymore; and she wanted to reveal to her own mother and to the public how her male genes have come over her whole body. Although this on-myself thing she did, I really really hope that she’ll come back real soon. I really don’t like teens leaving homes and making their parents worry. However, sometimes, it can be your best option. Just come back home, Charice.


One thing I just noted about Rachelle Pempengo is one of her statement in our local channel: “Kahit hindi ka mag-sorry, tatanggapin kita. Basta umuwi ka lang. (Even if you don’t ask for forgiveness, I’ll accept you. Just come home.)” I was totally saddened when I heard those choice of words. How could you say such words to your child that left home indefinitely? Could it be because Charice is the one who brings money home?

Sorry for my words but that is the first thing that came to my mind when I heard those words which actually makes sense when I learned that Charice has stopped giving allowance to her family.  Part of me is may be still too young and immature to think that way or may be because I’m  not a parent myself. But I just wished Rachelle has shown more elegance and composure.

Where Will The Road Lead?

ccccIf I were the script writer of this particular novel, I would end it the Charice way. She being a lesbian but still coming home. That would be very ideal especially when offers abroad are still flowing. For the American brand of television, I know your land is much more open-minded and liberated (in a good way) than we are in the Philippines. For sure, you will understand that it is never a crime to be a lesbian or gay. As Lady Gaga said in her song: No matter gay, straight or bi, lesbian, transgendered life, I’m on the right track, baby, I was born this way.

As of press time, Charice is still away from her home and also announced that she has a girlfriend. She also stated that she is working really hard for her future. As for her mother, Rachelle, she also revealed in a press conference that she’s a lesbian herself but came back to being a woman in command of her mother.


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SVL X Finals: The World War 3

svl finals 1   There is no doubt that the Shakey’s V-league Season 10 is one of the most hyped league this summer and provingly so, this is one of the more exciting seasons of V-league. A lot of events happened that are so memorable. Aiza Maizo come back is such a huge story and she did not let down her fans even though she gain weight probably because of giving birth; Rachelle Ann Daquis is playing for Ateneo & Coach Gorayeb chose to fight alongside the Eagles rather than his Lady Stags are just some of the animations that filled this season. But as we are nearing the tail end of this conference, an even bigger and hotter things are just about to happen: THE WAR.


Yes, I said it clearly, the finals will be a war between Ateneo Lady Eagles and National U Lady Bulldogs. Both are very confident coming to this series, of course Ateneo finishing the Tigresses in 2-0 Semis while NU manage to escape the equallt hungry Adamson Lady Falcons in a 2-1 series of their own. Going into this Finals, the Bulldogs also bagged all individual awards such as best scorer, spiker, receiver, setter except for the best blocker which is awarded to Maika Ortiz of UST and the still unannounce MVP of the conference. Although those awards will really help boost the team’s confidence, I can corageously say that we can throw all the stats and standings. After all this is finals and not just eliminations. It is very noteworthy to say too that this two teams met during the Quarterfinals and the Bulldogs defeated the Eagles in straight 3 sets.


Lady Bulldogs: The Hungry Young Blood

svl finals 2


For all those who know the NU volleyball team, you will all agree to me when I say that this is the strongest, most intact bunch of players they had ever had. They have the maturities of Rubi de Leon (Guest Player; Setter) & Dindin Santiago (Reg. Player; Middle Blocker) who both are gelling well for a first time teammates. Nonetheless, this team is still considered as the younger one. Aiko Urdas (Reg. Player; Utility Spiker), who has been very incremental in the team’s success so far, is surprisingly just a 1st year player. Jaja Santiago (Guest Player; Middle Blocker) is only 16 years old and is yet to go to college. This is the first time on V-league’s history that NU made it to the Finals. Last UAAP, they hoped for atleast a Finals appearance [they even reserved Jen Reyes's (Reg. Player; Libero) last and final year for a stronger defense] but they just ended 4th place.


svl finals 3Strengths/Plays to execute: To say that the quick and running attacks of Dindin & Rubi are the bread & butter of the team is still an understatement. Ateneo will surely prepare to block those that’s why I must say Dindin can be a decoy this time and set the plays to other unguarded players such as Myla Pablo (Reg. Player; Opener). They got one rotation which Dindin is positioned on the open spiker’s position and they must get that once in a rotation point. Blocking completely belongs to NU and so it must be their first line of offense.


Weaknesses/Points of improvement: During Game 3 vs the Lady Falcons, it was shown that whenever it is crucial and Jaja is on the frontline rather than Dindin, she never get the ball to attack with or without receive and Ateneo can know that by this point so they’ll just check on the corners and that will be easier for the Eagles especially if it is on the conclusion of the set. Rubi also has this tendency to lose focus whenever it is Semifinals or Finals. She is an MVP contender and that means she is very, very important for the team and she can’t play ‘okay’; not against Ateneo.


svl finals 4Crucial player: The team captain in Dindin will surely be consistent as she has been during the UAAP and this whole conference. So instead of pointing out to her, I would say other 2 players. One, Jen Reyes, the Best Receiver & Best Digger this conference. She must receive the heavy services of Bualee, Tejada, Daquis & Valdez plus read the blocking of Ateneo very well for coverage. I know that is too much but she has to be the crucial part of this team at this point. Without her presence, I doubt NU will reach this far. And two, Mina Aganon (Reg. Player; Opener). She has been a revelation for the whole volleyball society. I remember watching her UAAP games and I would ask, “Why is she on the line up?” Now all my doubts on her are coming back to me like a slap because she really turned on her A-game. She’s hitting off and through the block; she’s even making a clean cross court kill! BUT, she must absorb that this is Finals and jitters might come but she has to shake it off. I’m very impress but Mina has never been to a Finals game. Why is she crucial? Because no one can replace her spot. I don’t know where Maricar Nepomuceno (Reg. Player; Opener/Utility) is but she isn’t found during the Semis while looking at the bench, it is Desiree Dadang (Reg. Player; Middle/Opener) who will make the substitution. Dadang is a decent player but her skills are not just yet for the Finals type.


ADMU: The Vultures For 3-Peat

svl finals 5

Vulture is a tough name to call them but they really seems to be. As stated, NU handily defeated them in straight sets and this is their time for revenge. I can smell that with or without organized plays and focusness of the Bulldogs, the Eagles will act like vultures that will circle around and finish what must be finished. Of course it is not as easy as I might sound but the way Alyssa Valdez (Reg. Player; Opener/Middle/Utility) and Jang Bualee (Guest Player; Opener/Middle/Utility) played against their games in Semis vs UST, they seemed like they knew championship is theirs already.


svl finals 6Strengths/Plays to execute: Ateneo is playing in a very unorthodox type of volleyball that there is a rotation when Valdez is the opener another for middle and another for utility; the same goes for Bualee. Although I must admit that I am not a fan of that type of volleyball, I cannot deny the fact that those plays will be very confusing to defend and to block. They should just master it as there are still lapses during their last game. I really can’t say much here since Ateneo is a powerhouse this conference having Rachelle Ann Daquis (Guest Player; Opener) and then replacing Patnongon (Guest Player; Middle Blocker) with San Sebastian’s ever loyal Guest Player from Thailand, Jang Bualee. So honestly, offense is a piece of cake.


Weaknesses/Points of improvement: Going into Finals, the Eagles (or vultures?) are the more dominant being a back-to-back V-league champs and pointing out their weakness is a headache. Although I have two points of concern for them. One, blocking. Not that they are on the tailend of standings when it comes to blocking, they are a strong blocking team but this Finals, they are dealing with the best blocking team in the league. Being the best blocking team, NU must know as well how to elude and use the blockers for a point and the Eagles must know that. And two, attitude. Sure they are the crowd favorite and they are very humble (or at least they seem to be). But going on to the Finals with a strong line up must have a mental effect that can be a little too rude that what is needed. I like attitude inside the court because that adds flavor to the game, but more can be less. I hate to point this but Jem Ferrer (Reg. Player; Setter) has a tendency to make a duck a face and point to the opponent’s court whenever her attackers got an impact point. That’s okay but too much of that can lead to a disastrous ending.

svl finals 7


Crucial player: For me, the crucial player here still is Alyssa Valdez. She’s a power hitter; she is truly phenominal even way back highschool in UST. However, I must point out that if she gets blocked often she can be very frustrated that she’s commiting a lot of errors. During UAAP, when she is at this point she will be replace by Ella de Jesus (Reg. Player; Opener) and Ella is really amazing. But this time, Ella can’t just simply replace Alyssa. Why? Remember, Ateneo is pushing Valdez to play Open, Utility and Middle and I just don’t suppose the ELLAvator is up for this rotations.


I said it before & I’ll say it again: this is a war. We will be seeing high quality volleyball, attacks and combination plays. Whichever team wins this series wills urely be very proud and I’ll give them small room to be rude since this is gonna be an excellent match up. For just another side story, Ateneo has never won a UAAP championship while NU has one during UAAP ’56-’57. The best-of-three finals series Game 1 will be on Thursday, May 23, 2013 and will be held at the MOA Arena.


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5 Adjustments Alaska Needs To Win Against Tim Cone

1And so Game 1 between the SanMig Coffee Mixers and Alaska Aces is in the history book already. The James Yap-lead team won the first of the Best-of-5 series. As coaches will always say in the interview, “Its just game one. There’s still a lot of games.” That’s true but one thing for sure Alaska wouldn’t want to go 2-0 and hope for the heroic end of the series; at least not against a team who is lead by their former head coach.
As a side story, Tim Cone, Mixers’s current coach, is the long time head coach of Alaska. The transfer happened last season and since then, Alaska never won against Tim Cone. I don’t know if its the old and dusty yet effective playbook of Tim Cone the Aces is using all along      that’s causing them hard time winning. One thing’s for sure though, Coach Luigi Trillo, Alaska’s current head coach, is itching already to get that one win.
It is not that Coach Trillo and the gang can’t do the winning thing. Yes, they struggled last season immediately without Cone but the ball turn a whole rotation. During the eliminations, the Aces ended with an 11-3 win-loss card being the number one team in the league. This season, no one really expected that the Aces will be a prominent championship contender having a very versatile and consistent import no one knew in the form of Robert Dozier; Jayvee Casio from the Powerade team (now known as the Globalport Batangpier); the number 2 overall draft pick, Calvin Abueva; and of course the veterans such as Cyrus Baguio, Tony Dela Cruz and Sonny Thoss. The first issue is the gelling of the whole team on court. However, as their record shown, they are very matured athletes who can adjust to one another. Alaska Aces have beaten all the teams in the elminations at least once … except SanMig Coffee Mixers.
So what really should the Aces do? Here’s some of the adjustment I see they should execute against the Mixers for the Game 2 and so forth.
1. Bring Dondon on fire. If Tim Cone has James Yap now, well, Luigi Trillo has Dondon on the counterpart. As was seen on their previous games, the veteran Dondon Hontiveros can really hurt the opposing team BIG TIME just like what he did to the 20+ points leading Rain or Shine in their second game in the elims which they beaten. Although Dondon is one of their trades from Petron, he always shows leadership and so being an example in shooting with calmness. His three pointers must be set up properly in order to get him going. Coach Trillo should also give Dondon around 30 minutes playing time.
32. Just be compose. Not that the Aces are the least compose team. In fact, they are probably the most compose this conference. But there’s really something on Time Cone’s presence that they seem to rattle. They are not as loose as the fans are use to that even an uncontested layup can be missed. Try to play with their shoulders all set to win, their feet unclogged from the ropes and their minds focusing on the game not on the opponent.
3. Don’t underestimate SanMig’s passing abilities. Tim Cone brought with him the triangle offense in the SanMig which means there will be more passing and the Aces should really really anticipate those. For me, man-to-man defense is of little use and a two-three zone is a better one. Why? Because when SanMig’s triangle don’t work, they will always go to Denzel’s perimeter shooting (SanMig’s import). And that will always be a sure point for the Mixers. So, if they are in a two-three zone, there is a better possibility to jam the passing lanes and force Denzel to take it to his own hands. When that happen, he will only pick two spots: 1.) base line & 2.) 14 foot jumper outside the shaded area. The Aces should then force to double team.
44. Calvin should take all the Booos. This rookie is specially exceptional in terms of hustle and even clutch points. He has a 3-pointer and a wild layup;although, more than the points he can contribute, the #2 draft pick can be the X-factor if he will be into James Yap’s head. Yes, the Big Game James Yap; not Marc Pingris or PJ Simon but James. Do not let James receive the ball and if he do, slap it right away. Then, when Calvin scores make sure he taunt James. Why so mean to James? I’m not trying to be mean to James but that’s really the way to steep down the chances of the MIxers to win. Sure PJ will step up so will Denzel but having James to trouble on his shooting will be a step forward against Tim Cone. As seen on SanMig vs Meralco’s quarterfinals series, James had a horrible shooting having only 3 points but on the crucial last seconds, Time Cone still chooses him to get the ball and shoot. And so they lose that game.

5. And lastly, gear up, loosen and be ready to win. I am pretty sure that of all the teams, Alaska is one of those who can really bring the A-game. The fans are always on their back no matter what especially the 90′s kids. A little over practicing is also healthy to get the feel of the semis. Alaska has not really been into the semis this past few conferences and some players might not get the proper feel of it. Some might be too excited while others are under the bar. It is very common but can also hurt the team a whole series. Coach Trillo should also take a stolen glance on Tim Cone’s newest playbook. Anticipate Cone’s move. Trillos should also force SanMig’s star players such as Yap, Simon and even Mallari to early foul trouble. We know that can be forced (Jason Castro style).


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The Game Changer: Internet-based Change

Yesterday, I attended for the first time The Game Changers Forum held at Colegio de San Juan de Letran. How did I got invited? On wednesday night, David Guison, a fashion blogger, tweeted about the event which is actually the last day of registration. You have to fill their form and answer the question that goes like this: Which among the latest technology/advocacy you like most. I will not elaborate my answer but it has something to do with seeing the beauty around us in a very busy environment we have. It wasn’t even in my mind when I read their reply on Thursday afternoon that I have been selected as a participant. I am very positive because it is invitational and they only have limited slots. So here goes my experience.

The Game Venue


The venue is at Intramuros, former location of my current school – UST, at Colegio de San Juan de Letran – UST’s sister school. I wasn’t very familiar with the place; it was just my third time to go in that place. Anyway, the school has few students since that was Saturday. The halls are near empty in fact but the students and employees are very kind and welcoming. The hall proper was jam packed with bloggers, students, media and other participants. Half of the hall is filled with Letranites (my theory is that there are few invitees that they let Letranites enter so it won’t look haunted to the speakers). I’m actually shocked by the fact that they give you a small paper with the WiFi’s usernames and passwords. Its kind of weird, I thought. But when I entered, it makes a lot of sense. Almost everyone, if not all, is holding onto their laptop, tablet and smartphones blogging, tweeting, Facebook-ing and taking down notes. I actually went with the flow and bring out my phone and tab. I just wonder how does it feel to be up on stage giving your talk to a bunch of people who are not looking at you but on their touchscreen devices instead.

The Game Speakers

It is my very first invitational event to attend and I’m very unprepared. I didn’t took notes and that stuff while the others are. And right now, I’m feeling a little numb for not doing so. Anyways, I’ll recount the speakers base on my memory.


First up is Rosario Juan, better known as the founder of TweetUpMNL and the #rescueph. She is already in the middle of her talk when I came and I’m still looking for my seats so there is little to none that I can say about her. I just simply admire her for making a team for the common good of the people who are in trouble in the middle of a calamity. True public servant.

Second is Yves Gonzalez, former MMDA spokesperson and an app developer. What I liked about him is that he do what he says, at least base on his stories. Like some incidents which he said to himself that he will have an application next year at iOS and came next year there his app right there. Although his being “closeness” to a particular operating system is on the negative side. I think that being an exclusive iOS app developer do not promote better leadership to the youth.

The well-known Maria Ressa went up after Yves. She is a former Bureau Chief in Manila for CNN and currently CEO of Rappler. Most of her achievements and credits are journalism-based which I admire. Her talk centers on how Filipinos can play big in the world in terms of social networking sites like Twitter. Well, better said than done, right? But somehow, I thought it has to be said and done rather than not give it a try to the very least. Maria also discussed how our lives must not be dictated by technology. Honestly, this is true and I’m quite learning this the harder way. I tend to dip my 24 hours facing computer and not studying and that really sucks after you realized what you just did.

Bianca Gonzalez, a very famous TV host and personality, told us a lot of things. But of all, it marked to me what she said about not tweeting or posting on the internet just because it is the mainstream. We must verify facts first or make the issue clear by reading articles and news and not by hearsay alone. She also said that “we must exist in the world, not just in the world wide web.” Bianca is a very good speaker but I would rather not hear how she joined Pinoy Big Brother just because her manager, Boy Abunda, wants her to be a “masa” (or for the mass or people of majority). PBB is a really big and well-respected show in the Philippines and to know that celebrities join this show just because they want to catch up fame made me puke. But I like Biance anyway. Somehow, PBB thought her some new ways to communicate to the public better, something you cannot just learn from classrooms.

tg-guingona2Senator Guigona also spoke. I don’t know he seems sincere all the while but somehow there is this “plastic effect” on his each word. May be a side effect of being a politician. There’s nothing really noteworthy about his speech but some perfume to his name.

My Game

Its not totally a well-formed forum but I did gain some lessons from The Game Changers forum. For one, when I’m on my trip home to Cavite, my mind is full of things I’m seeing things or development  that the world or the Philippines need. I am also very encourage to study harder.

Although generally speaking, the event is rather one-sided. What do I mean by that? Its not really about changing the game we have right now but more of a “how you can tweet better” forum. Is that bad? Actually NO but I would rather change the misleading title of the event. Rosario, Yves, Maria and Bianca all talked about their different ways of utilizing Twitter and that made me say so. Do they actually wanted to say that: in short, the game changer is Twitter? Perhaps but I will vaguely know the answer as they might not answer my query at all.

It was a very healthy experience and if ever I will be invited again, I will be more than happy to attend. Internet is such a big leap in the society and there is no way of escaping from it. Just “don’t let technology dictate your life,” right? I did criticize the forum but its just part of me being in that event and I’m sure the speakers won’t mind being criticize.


STOP And Look At The Beauty Everywhere


We are always busy: schedules, flights, meetings, gatherings or simply gimmicks. Human nature nowadays is an activity-based living. Is that bad? I don’t think so that is bad. Perhaps it is just part of evolution. What makes it a little more concerning is that we are being held up too tight with our activities we might – might – fail to realize some things important.

I’ve once watched a video on Facebook of a man who stood in a busy hall of a subway train station and played some classic music for about 20 minutes or so with his violin. This man right here performs regularly on different sides of the world for hundreds of thousands of dollars per night and he is doing this exactly for free – if not for some alms. This experiment was implemented by a certain magazine whose specific name I forgot because I was too stressed by the time. Unfortunately (but is almost expected), everyone is too busy, too late or too occupied to even notice a bit of the piece that is playing on their background. Some gave a coin or two; some bother staring for a while but no one really paid attention worth mentioning.


This is such a revelation for everyone who happened to see the video. It was ground-breaking and at the same time eye-opener. Will we be able to see the beauty behind the bars of today? Will we ever stop for sometime and notice an unexpected awesomeness on our everyday activities? Or, will you ever bother asking yourself about these questions?

There are quite some happenings around the globe right now. There are so many random killings I don’t know why, innovation on cellphones and other gadgets continue to bloom, terrorists here and there and some economic breakdown in some spots of the world; its so hard to stop by for a second or two to just stare at the finest things not man-made. Mountains, trees, birds, talents, cloud, love, peace, hope, faith – hell even a stray dog. Of course, you can tell these are just words I’m saying but on a reality basis, this is quite hard to be implemented. That’s is true right there, it will be so hard but it will never be impossible. I’m not going to say to everyone that we need time-management because that is quite hard to fulfill and besides, who knows what time it really is. What I wanted to say rather is to give a little space for the beauty even in your smallest way. For myself, example, I vowed to at least watch one movie per day or read a book or poem or maybe draw some sketches. This way, I can watch some others’ talent on acting or a story I might be inspired off; or some creative mind’s idea of how love should fare or may be proceed with my own talent by writing or drawing.

Instagram Incident: Justin Bieber’s Attitude Problem Gone Wild

This is not the first time that the music industry has a young achiever. I mean, we have Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake and many others out there but Justin Bieber is different amongst all of them. Aside from being discovered in the popular video sharing site, YouTube, he also has no professional training before entering the arena of music. Aside from these, Justin Bieber – barely 5 years in the industry – has shown signs of attitude problems already.

You can tell I’ve been watching his career and his attitude for quite some time already. (You can back read my post Justin Bieber: Attitude Problem Soars High as Career Do?). Just to clarify the deal here: I am totally not against this young guy, in fact, I have all of his CDs from the very first up to his latest. So, there is in no way you can call me a hater or an anti. I just want to make everyone see he has this attitude.

There have been many names that have been called to Bieber but he is totally unscathed with this as he is continuously evading many young girls heart. But, there are some situations wherein we make ourselves look bad to the already bashing crowd. The Canadian-superstar posted several photos on his Instagram account taunting the Filipino-boxing champion, Manny Pacquiao, after being knocked down by Juan Manuel Marquez on the last seconds of the 6th round. Below are the photos posted by Justin in his Instagram account. Credit to the owner.



The latter photo has some very interesting caption by Justin himself: “Dad wake up”

Justin then said that those are just his “boxing opinions.” Yeah? Has anybody told Bieber that opinion can be synonymous with insulting. If he really just wanted to give his “boxing opinion” (because maybe he is in full position to give so), he could have opted for a cleaner one like posting on Twitter how the fight went or something in his mind. To post your “opinion” with these kind of images only denotes that you are: 1.) bias; 2.) not a good public figure or an idol especially to the youth; 3.) you are not radical enough; and 4.) you don’t understand boxing enough. Sure, not everyone of us who watch sports understand it as it is but athletes know one thing: “sportsmanship.” And that big word also accompanies “respect.”

As some of you might not know, Justin Bieber is a celtic of Floyd Mayweather – Manny’s ultimate rival. There have some heated words over the internet between the sides of the two fighters. Maybe that is also the reason why Justin Bieber chose to hit Pacman on the lower side of the belt.


Speaking of Mayweather, in an interview, he stated how he feels so bad with how Pacquiao lost. He openly expressed how he wish that Manny can “bounce back like a true champion” from that lost to Marquez. He also commend how the Filipino-congressman is fulfilling his other responsibility outside the ring and that Manny needs some vacation as well to tune up his body and mind. (You can read the whole article here). I’m not a Mayweather fan but to be fair with the whole sports community, I must say that he gain me so much respect for respecting his colleague. I’m not just sure as to how that will reflect to Justin.

I mean, come one! I’m not telling here that I am flawless with my posts and opinions when it comes to social networking sites. But Justin Bieber should start realizing by now that he is different from many of us. He is a public figure and whatever he says (or posts) will be a world-renown topic across the oceans. Of course he can freely express his opinion but in a rather proper way of delivering it – that is: no one or may be no race will be harm. Did I say that I am a Filipino?

Is Chris Brown Really A Changed Man?

Its been a while already and guess its time to rekindle romance – or, as they say, friendship. Rihanna and Chris Brown are seen in public together for numerous times lately. It all started on the 2012 VMA MTV Awards night where both went home triumphant, Rihanna winning Video of the Year while Brown got the Male Video of the Year. At that event, they were seen kissing – but not the way it was before – just a friendly one. Many were struck but others are happy for the ex-lovers. In an interview, Rihanna clarified that she and the With You-singer is on he friendship stage as it is never easy for both of them to get back that swift to where they left.


But that is just the start. The following days, headlines are all over them. They were seen exiting from the same hotel at a different time; they were seen in a bar together; and in a Jay-Z concert sitting next to each other. The bar incident is a little special. A drunk Chris Brown said that he is in love with two people referring to his current girlfriend and, of course, Rihanna. They were also seen all tangled on the same bar and kissing – a little more than what friends will do though. After some time, reports were about Chris breaking up with his girlfriend at the moment. Is that for Rihanna’s place?



But is this really the right move for them personally and in regards to their career? Are the fans going to be happy for them? What do you think?

It reminds me to that Chris Brown song about Rihanna and his crituques; the song title is ‘Changed Man’. What a song title; doesn’t that speak for itself? Here is my favorite lyrics of it:

But I’ma make it up to you

And show the world

I’m a changed man’

Cause you mean that much to me

I don’t wanna be done
I’m doing all that I can

And everybody hates Chris

They can never understand