Think First Before Giving Opinions

by wecantalk

Theme: Why our (everybody’s) opinion matters.

“Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.”

— John F. Kennedy

There are about as many people in the world that we can’t count us all in a month or may be even in a year, and every people living has their own minds and hearts that can generate opinions. There are just an overwhelming number of point of views that it can be hard for us to be heard. Although, these unheard voices are slowly being heard by the help of internet and, as a matter of fact, the world became better with these heard voices. It is by this time that citizens became so much aware about their country, government and surroundings – all credit because of different sides shown by the people. As such, it can be concluded that every opinion is important. Important in the sense that we can show our awareness, our support or rejection, and by giving our opinions, we can show that we are active citizens and are therefore valued.

But here is the thing: opinions have limits too. Not all opinions are worth saying to the universe especially when you already judges the topic matter before you’ve known the details. Sure, we have the freedom of speech all over the world but it also compromises in an invisible law the freedom to think first. Opinions are way very important that no country can develop a good living without it, but we tend to be careless, at times, in giving opinions that: first, they are bias; second, they are irrelevant; and third, has became a criticism instead of an opinion. God made us humans with the capability to think and react and we are not like animals who try to kill each other because they have to. The first thing we need to keep in mind is to be unbiased always; second is to ask: “Is this going to yield any good?”; third is to measure whether you are hurting someone or not; fourth to last step depend on your own criteria how to give a notion. It is important to take note too that we have to respect others’ judgment in return.

Opinions are very powerful that they can be dangerous or helpful. It can over power ourselves or it can overthrow a president on his/her position. It can also help prevent what seems to be a danger and it can also be a wall against poverty. It has a lot of roles to our world. But in the end, opinions will stay opinions if we will not use them right or if we will abuse them.

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