A Tech Kid Or A Sunny Kid?

by wecantalk

Theme: Would you rather have your child grow playing techie or a natural play-outside?

“Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.”

— Fred Rogers

There is no need for us to tell that high technology really made our lives convenient especially when we need to communicate to our family and friends, to give business some ease and to provide us entertainment too. Technology rise up up to this day that we can’t live today without any relying to the gadgets anymore. But what made of the children’s minds is that playing is done within the gadgets and not outside – is this any healthy or not?

Most of us grew up playing outside with our friends, stumbling on the grass, running trying to catch our playmates all under the sun. It is said by some that playing is the best childhood a person can ever make. Not only that we can enjoy our selves and our playmates’ companions outside the sun in a natural way, it also gives the friendship unparalleled and the ability for us to socialize better.

Computer games, hand-held devices and mobile games or apps (applications) are just some of the most hit games for the kids right now as they are handy, easy and need not a good place, a home is good. What the kids are keeping in minds, too, is that they shouldn’t be outdated by each and everyone of the kids around that they are pursuing all the gadgets in the markets. They, of course, don’t know the value of money yet. Not only that this type of playing for kids binds them to the solitary plays, they are also expensive and bad for the child’s health if abused. They are also being lazy because they don’t need to run or walk or tumbling playing PSP or DS. Parents are wary of this behavior but some really pushes their kids for this kind of playing because they think that it is safer if they are just inside the house.

Parents’ preferences are really personal and experience based and that we can’t hover. But we should keep in mind that a person’s attitude for the rest of his/her life can depend on the type of childhood they have gone through. Playing really matters for children. And because of this, we should let them play regardless of what playing type you we want them too and of course, we should guide what is right as they are still the most innocent mind in the world.

You? What do you think children’s childhood should be experienced? Or what childhood did you ever have: have you enjoyed it?