Virginity: A Pride Or A Shame?

by wecantalk

Theme: Negligence for virginity.

“Virginity can be lost by a thought. ”

– St. Jerome

Virginity is a very private topic only few can talk about. In a conservative view, it is very important for boys and girls to maintain it until they got married. But today, some teens cannot wait so long for their body to experience sex regardless of the consequences. They kind of feel left behind and teased when they’re left virgin along with friends who aren’t already. So, is premarital sex an answer or a question existing?

Probably peer-pressured and victim of society, some minor-aged teenagers or kids are ready to take the risks of having a sex whether of the same age or older. Their body becomes too involve for something only legal-aged persons can do. At certain points, it is surely the parents’ faults and responsibility; but at most, it is still the child’s security of virginity for his/her own body. At less conservative countries where teens can party weekly and get drunk as much as they want, even a 13-year old teen can proudly say that he/she has already lost virginity. They prove it as liberty, open-mindedness and independence.

“… once we done a thing today,

it can never be undone tomorrow

or the day after every tomorrow;

it can only be remembered


But is it really worth it for teenagers who are not even finish high school to take the risks of premarital sex? Or is it one time happiness but can turn out lifetime regret scenario? Having sex is basically for having babies, populating and not just a hobby. For conservative communities, even a 25-year old can say he/she is still a virgin because he/she is waiting for the perfect one and he will still receive the claps and thumbs-up by the people. On this side, they will see the maintenance of virginity as true open-mindedness, responsibility and respect for ownself.

There are decisions for all of us, even teenagers, should decide with dignity and without regrets. Keep in mind that once we done a thing today, it can never be undone tomorrow or the day after every tomorrow; it can only be remembered forever. So it is still up to you. After all, virginity or sex is not something a decent person will post to Facebook or tweet with friends. It is very private and personal.

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