Anger + Words = Offensing

by wecantalk

Theme: Hurting Words

“Water, taken in moderation, cannot hurt anybody. ”

– Mark Twain

Words are innate for humans to use. They are for communication purposes and every individual has his/her own way to use words in everyday life. But words are not always sweet to hear; there are words that are especially made to express bad feelings and there are instances when we are talking offensively. And as humans, it is also innate to have feelings and sometimes we just can’t control our anger.

When impulse of anger came, there can be no stopping our mouths with what we can say for certain instances. Perhaps all people can say without any guilt that once in our life we happened to said bad words or have expressed disappointment to a person or more. And at certain events, this can be said as normal since all people can feel anger equally. Even a president or a beggar can feel the fuel of anger or irritation that is very same as you can experience.

But how much enough is enough? Is there any measurement invented to say that the said anger words are just sufficient? No one can really tell us when to stop; only ourselves can. We should always remember that whether or not we are on the right place to talk unpleasantly, all people have the dignity, too, to talk and to feel anger. And we have the minds of a human – not of an animal – to think wisely and professionally that we don’t just throw hurting words like we are the king of everyone.

It is inevitable to get angry in our life especially that we cannot control the society. But the good side is we can control ourselves, we can choose peace and we can be a model on how to use words properly. Words are very powerful; they can even wreck one’s reputation. But if we will use them right, words can be powerful that they can make one person a better one.

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