Music Industry Sings ‘We Don’t Need Your Money’

by wecantalk

Theme: How important money is.

“Money is like a sixth sense – and you can’t make use of the other five without it.”

– William Maugham

Some studies say that money is the most important invention ever made. Some people have money that can fund a whole community while others have only enough money for a day. It is, by far, nowadays that money can be considered as a basic need – when lived without no one can ever survive. Although in this era, gadgets cost about 3 onths of your salary, it is surprising that money can be said as unimportant.


we must be the ones

spending the money

not the money spending us”

Jessie J’s single “Price Tag” hit the world with stun and amazement with the meaning of the song. It says in the chorus: “Its not about the money/ we don’t need your money/ we just wanna make the world dance/ forget about the price tag.” It also says that we will pay the world with love instead. Perhaps they see money as an obsession to the eyes of others when, indeed, we must be the ones spending the money; not the money spending us. And so through the help of music industry, Jessie J says let’s forget money for some time.

But is it really necessary for a song like that today or is it just a strategy for a singer who is just starting the music industry? Standards of living just got higher and higher because of how the electronic gadgets companies making it a high value to have their products. Oil companies are forced to push an astonishing price, because of the chaos in the Middle East Asia, which also pushes the whole market to heighten their prices too. Money, therefore, is highly needed hypothetically and in reality.

It might be because people are more wary to have gadgets and all the luxury in the world than being busy to get love and give love that’s why organizations are being outspoken about how we must not give money a chance to be in our brains. In the end, it is a matter of balancing things in our life, like love and hate; like money and love alike.