Lady Gaga: Anti-Religion or Attention Seeker?

by wecantalk

Theme: Lady Gaga as an idol.

“Man’s mind is like a store of idolatry and superstition; so much so that if a man believes his own mind it is certain that he will forsake God and forge some idol in his own brain.”

– John Calvin

The Fame Monster, Lady Gaga, as she call her self, is one of the brightest artists/composer at the moment and, as the name suggests, she likes all the glamor and fame. Also known as ‘Mother Monster’ (fans are called ‘Little Monsters’), she made to the top 10 every single release and has numerous number one at this early stage of her career. But what can be the fame of Gaga is her influence to the crowd, especially to the teens, and the message that she wants to connect with us. Is it just a strategy to catch crowd’s eyes or her plan from the very beginning?

Some say that she’s just attention seeker and others accuse her as a member of Illuminati. And honestly, Lady Gaga delivers serious song messages that needs clearing what does she really mean.

If you ever heard a handful of her music or is an avid fan, you will know that she sings: ” … got no salvation … got no religion” ” .. find your freedom in the music, find your Jesus”. Very powerful lyrics that when listened frequently, can be internalized. And what’s more alarming is the song ‘Alejandro’ which seems like Lady Gaga is pleading to three men – namely Alejandro, Fernando and Roberto – to stop calling her and to not call her babe anymore. One will think this is a love struggle but experts say that Alejandro means man’s defender or GOD, Fernando is ardent of peace or JESUS, and Roberto means bright flame or the HOLY SPIRIT. And in the music video, she even wore like a nun with inverted cross on her sex organ and swallowed a Holy Rosary which means that she will be a god herself. And just recently, she released her single and video of ‘Judas’. Of course we all know Judas as an evil persona. But in the song, Gaga declares that she’s in love with him and she’s a holy fool.

Who are you and what are you? Is this an artist’s strategy just like Madonna on her early years or an effort to put the world in confusion? Well whatever is Gaga’s objective, it seems like she is very successful. At this point, no one can ever deny to not know her or not heard of her songs. Lady Gaga, as an artist, has the freedom to be what she wants to be and be heard the songs she wants to spit from her mouth. It now depends to her if she uses her fame for a good cause, or the other way.