Standing with the Church or Thinking for the Whole Community – RH Bill

by wecantalk

Theme: RH Bill

Will you be at the church’s side opposing what they call anti-life  or will you consider the country’s population and economic standing? Would you not want to stop producing babies by contraceptives or would you like to limit your family to what you think is enough? Are you anti- or pro- Reproductive Health or Parenthood Bill (RH Bill)?

Churches, especially the Catholic Church, oppose the uplifting the RH Bill to the society because they depend that it promotes abortion and is anti-life or stops the birth of every couple. Their opinion is that they would rather have a big population than to control it. They are very outspoken at opposing the bill and they suggest that poor family must consider every unplan child to be adopted. Very strong suggestion to the government that might also be questioned by the pro- RH Bill.

” …and would like to value

the quality of life

you can give to a child

that considering

the quantity”

How about the poorest of family that already have 7-12 children? How about our poor and uneducated countrymen that needs attention by the government? Can you handle considering adoption to children if you already given 3 children? Although it controls the birth, RH Bill can also bring hope for poor families and those who want to limit their family. There are also a big number of benefits if one will consider the country’s economic status and would like to value the quality of life you can give to a child that considering the quantity.

With all respect to the opposing and the promoting sides, RH Bill really needs revising for the flaws and re-thinking with great open-mindedness. As a whole community we should consider every bit of people around us and not only ourselves. And God, who knows better, will flourish with peace and prosperity if we will have unity.