Justin Bieber: Attitude Problem Soars High as Career Do?

by wecantalk

Theme: Justin Bieber’s image.

“People want you to be a crazy, out-of-control teen brat. They want you miserable, just like them. They don’t want heroes; what they want is to see you fall”

– Leonardo DiCarprio

You love him or you hate him from head to foot – that’s the way to know an artists so famous like the teen singer Justin Bieber. Justin is still a “boy” if you will consider age; but in the industry, he is a “giant” already with numerous awards and millions of fans. While even a  legendary singer maintains his/her feet to the ground, it seems like Bieber is floating way up in the sky.

“He even crash a CD

from a fan waiting

at the airport for him

when the fan reached

for him”

Its almost weekly that he is in the news, sometimes daily, and it gets really boring. Sometimes its he winning an award, other days the report is about his tours. What gets interesting lately is the sequence of attitude problem reports about the 17-year old singer.

Let’s start re-reporting:

The unfortunate events almost started when Bieber turned 17 years old when his rumored girlfriend, Selena Gomez, gets attacked by a fan in a restaurant where Justin poses with “dirty finger” with the camera’s lights are on. He almost don’t mind being pictured with a middle finger.

Then there are the two remarkable tours: Egypt and Philippines. In Egypt, he talked like older than any paparazzi taking shots of him while he is said to be praying to the place where Jesus also walked. In Jesus’ name! why would he scold when that is not his private place but Egypt’s. Philippines is a different story. When Justin is about to leave the country, he ignored all the security measures of the airport and he got scolded by a I-don’t-care-who-are-you officer of the airport. With that, he got pissed and scolded in return the paparazzi (again?) and said bad words. He even crash a CD from a fan waiting at the airport for him when the fan reached for him and pulled a camera’s wire too.

(watch the slapping of the CD from a fan in the airport by the teen idol, Justin Bieber)

But the story has more. Marg Helgenberger said that Justin is a brat. When Bieber is a guess star to CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Helgenberger said that he locked a producer to a closet and he also punches a cake right in the middle which was for all the staff.

Do you adore the way Justin acted? And in the first place: does he feel almighty already at the age of 17 and at the hype of his career? Justin Bieber is only one of the thousands or millions of aspiring singers on YouTube, it is only that Bieber got lucky. Isn’t that enough reason to be humble and keep both feet solid on the ground – add that he is a public figure and a teen idol?