Divorce Bill On The Eyes of a Divorce Grown

by wecantalk

Theme: Divorce bill on Philippines

A personal experience is affecting me greatly in terms of talking the Divorce bill. And I believe that whether one has experience or not does not matter in understanding the heights of this bill if passed. In simple words, the bill attempts to legalize divorsion in the eyes and in the heart of every Filipino couple who are married without much process and expense if compared to annulment.

But is every Filipino ready for such a big leap in this policy in regards to separation or divorce or call it in any name?


this will get bruised by couple

with the littlest reasons

turn out heavy

in front of this bill

As a citizen with care and an experience or two with the situation of divorsion I am heartfully disagreeing that this bill be passed. First of all, this law will just be abused by teenagers who gets pregnant first then get married and later find they don’t love each other. This will be a big reason for small hole of imperfection to a family’s relationship to separate ways for good. The essence of choosing your partner eagerly and hard will also blur due to the mind set that every marriage can be erased through a legalize divorsion subsidize by our government, by our taxes.

Moreover, CHILDREN WILL SUFFER. No, let me please correct myself: children will suffer GREATLY. More than how hard it is for the parents, the child or more will live with either/or of the parent’s presence. Children are the ones to suffer for the longest time than their parents. They will live with illegitimate on their foreheads and will live without enough love, money and care from both parents at the same time if unfortunate enough.

I understand that this is made for children and wives who are abused. But the bill is still so weak to comprehend that it will serve ‘just’ the right amount of cases. In short, this will get bruised by couple with the littlest reasons turn out heavy in front of this bill.

My recommendation is that the Churches – when I said churches I know we must consider all sectors, pre-dominatingly is the Catholic – do their roles in the society in lecturing and letting every couple understand the joys and debts of marrying whether RICH or POOR, RELATIVE or NOT. I am so sorry to the Churches but the government only makes bill just like the Divorce bill because of the lack of values given by the church. While in the government’s side, I suggest they do not make bills base only on surveys or here says. We should consider surveys, yes, but to make a Divorce bill on a third world country will just make poverty to sore like never before since a father or mother can/must support a family or more considering an average Filipino earns less than the standard wage.