The Gloria-Noynoy Fight Night

by wecantalk

To start off, I will be very honest that I do not like PNOY; nor do i dislike him. But i don’t just really feel that he is ready to be a president of our country, Philippines, as his decision was only caught by urgency since his mother, former president Cory Aquino, died.

On the other hand, I’m never a fan of former president GMA too but i am more liking her especially recalling her first term. She was so hard working. But of course looking back to every single accusations to her, i feel like she done wrongs too.

But to comment on the much hype NOYNOY-GLORIA tug of war, I dont think that it will yield any good to our country right now. We are so much looking back to what is already pass and to what, in the minds of the Filipino people, is already proven; that is: former PGMA is a criminal. Noynoy is much lingering on a matter that most us already moved on, but he seems to be liking the media of everyone in capturing a fly or a lizard. Thing is: there are so much buzz in this country, nonsense ones that it makes those issues that are even more important to go at the bottom of the list.



It really do seems like Noynoy thinks that people are going to be loving him like we did to his parents by catching up with the past. But the reality is, it doesn’t.

Isn’t it that the president’s main concern should be the concern of the majority? An isn’t it that our concern is in upgrading the quality of life here in the Philippines? Well then, it is safe to say that the main job of President Noynoy should be on the welfare of the people and not on the welfare of his OWN GOVERNMENT; and it is but safe to say too that he is not doing any of those promises that he is more than willing to commit himself as a president.