Is There Really A Measure of Masculinity?

by wecantalk

I wonder what is the unit of masculinity? I wonder how much amount of that certain unit is enough to be said that you are man enough? I wonder and at the same time I frown. I frown because these folks of mine think they can measure the man-lihood of a man by mere poor measurements.

I always wonder a man without basketball. Why? Mainly because that supposed to be sports-only activity has become one of the many ways cropped people measure masculinity. The relation is simple: the more intense you play the game, the “more man” you become; likewise, the lesser you play, the lesser of a man you are. Insane? Maybe. But, is this a norm? Definitely. Why is this such a norm? That I guess is ours to find out (and maybe alter).

How about the thinking that selecting clothes is a girl-thing-only? Why; are men not entitled to select clothes vigorously as girls can? Are men not supposed to look like how they want it that particular day?

How about in being so hygienic to body parts especially to face? I’ve seen alot of men being coined gay whenever they clean their faces or are too concern. Why; is proper hygiene a girl-thing-exclusive? I wish its not.

How about using umbrella? Or selecting color pink (to some country)? And the myriads of other things that make some men to be less of a man by the jump society?

I am very ambitous if I will say that I want this physche to be altered; but I will not be afraid to try to explain that, after all, yes, it should be altered. It is not fair at all that men (I talk about males or the gentlemen) are restraint from doing, acting and talking as they are suppose by their will power. How are the once mighty, dominant, great and leader gender of the society all of this time are actually just wearing masks to fit for what the society has to say? (I believe I should emphasize the word “once” since women nowadays claim all gender are equal.) We are not puppet of society, dear countrymen. Just like myself, I am not afraid to say my sentiments to my mother land or should I just say that I am man enough to deal with this. Are you?