RH Bill Is Not For You; Its For Them

by wecantalk

RH Bill has been in the Philippine Congress and Senate in quite a while but up until now, there are no clear future to be or not to be. Do the Republic of the Philippines need it?

I guess the Philippines don’t need the RH Bill; the country badly needed it and politicians need to pass it today.

Why did I say so? Simple: its for them not for you. When I said “you” I mean you who have computer at home, comfortable on your bed with laptop on side (note: laptops are suppose to be on laps) or you who can afford computer rentals. If you’re thinking that RH Bill should not be passed, then think again of your life compared to the life of thousands of Filipinos out there who don’t live quite as elegant as you. You can’t be too selfish, can you?

Go to a public school. Ask pupils there how many siblings do their parents have; how much do they have for a day; what type of source of living their parents have or what kind of home do they have. Its not actually to insult them, if that’s what you’re thinking; its about you realizing that some people (or many in our country’s case) needs special guidance from our government. Let’s admit it: most of them are uneducated and gives birth like as if they have enough money. But how about the children? Can you imagine the quality of life they are having?


My sentiment: pass the RH Bill or Responsible Parenthood that is it must not support abortion (anti-law and -Christianity). If you are couple who don’t feel like using contraceptives or condoms then don’t use them. But for those who can’t afford buying such necessities for family planning, give the government their responsibility to them. Give them what they can’t afford and what they need.