Brain-drain Attacks Now And Before

by wecantalk

Its funny here in the Philippines. A good number of Laudes – like Suma Cum Laude – graduate yearly from different universities all over the Philippines; universities are very competitive against each other and some are world-reknown campuses. If you will look deeply to a certain university, professors have post-graduate studies here in the country and abroad, thesises are legit to be to be recognize worldwide and, I bet, our curriculum is good if not excellent. But if we’ll look at the perspective as a country: none of them remained.

I said it and I mean it. After studying in our poor country; after the ever-corrupt-whoever-is-on-the-position government take good care of them; all they want to do is to fly away from this third-world. I did emphasize the “third-world” because: 1. That might be one of their reasons for leaving the country and 2. Being such will produce a lot  more different reasons to fly.

I don’t think so but, at some extent, we can also blame them.

Do I hear like a bipolar? Here my explanation. We can’t blame them because maybe, after some 20 or so years of living here they figured out there is not enough money to earn. Plain and simple: they want to be rich. They want to be rich by earning dollar because it’s the shortcut. Why will you take the long and winding journey here when you can feel the snow and say high to Joe?

On the other side of the world; No! I mean on the other hand, yes – I think they are candidates to blame too why this pearl in the deep blue orient hardly makes an inch towards progress. If they could have imparted what specialty they learned here in the Philippines, we might not be too far now from Hongkong, Singapore, Australia or even Italy. Brain-drain is a really serious matter we should handle right now or a continuous decline to the growth of the Philippines will be met soon.

Say you are a fresh college graduate from the University of the Philippines. You don’t hold any Laude award but you are sure enough that, whatever course you graduated, you are learnt big time. But, you want to work abroad for better financing your family at province. What I say is that why don’t you work here in our country first for let’s say a minimum of 5 years so that you can atleast give back to the land you were born. If at the end of 5th year, you still feel like flying away then you’re now free to do so. Of course I understand that to apply work overseas isn’t swift and easy but then that’s part of it. If, let’s say, after the 5th year you already felt the assurances and benefits of your job and wouldn’t want to go away anymore them BINGO!

After all, I thought its more fun in the Philippines?