CCTVs at Universities Controversy

by wecantalk

Buzz has been buzzing around different universities lately especially here at the Philippines. So it’s the technology now that’s evading the vicinities of a campus. But take note, its not just around the campus grounds; the next thing you’ll know they are within inches from you.

CCTVs have, no doubt, proven its usefulness to us especially in solving cases of the “BAD GUYS.” Inside a shopping mall, hotels, banks and pawnshops and many others have utilize and, unfortunately, maximize the use of those buggy cameras around the corner. Some universities opted to install the said type of surveillance cameras around the grounds to keep an eye to trespassers who have other bad plans in mind. Helpful? So much!

But then, people will never ever be contented – as our nature says. CCTVs are now or will now be installed inside classrooms. The room of learning, quizzes, tests and home for the others. And of course, as another nature of human, we cannot all agree with it.

There are those who support the installation of CCTVs. I cannot disagree with them. CCTV can provide access to investigation to some issues inside the rooms. There are the student-student brawl or quarrel that can be investigated, if ever, or moreover, be avoided. The professor-is-hot-headed-to-me or the he-insulted-and-humiliated-me cases of the student and professors relationship can also be avoided. Let’s admit it: even at well ranked colleges, there are a lot of cases like those mentioned above and those CCTVs can be the evidence to stop those.

Meanwhile, we cannot deny the fact too that some – professors usually – will disagree to these kind of implementation. They claim that their freedom as an academe is being withhold by the security cameras. I really don’t know what kind of “professional rights” that is, but I know for sure that they are willing to fight for it. As was stated above, those CCTVs are more to the “BAD GUYS” and those professors aint no bad guys, are they? Another claim is that installation will cause a lot of money to millions even and that those millions that were paid by students must be used to university’s improvement.

Honestly I cannot make my stand to these issue since it has an equal weight of pros and cons. But for me, I don’t think it will hurt them. Dignity, perhaps? But I’m really into installing them. Just recently a PUP engineering student raises a letter that one of her professor is “bullying” her. Thanks to TV5’s BITAG and the professor was kicked off; Although it was more of a process of ‘who’s the underdog?’. But come to think if there are CCTVs inside the classroom at the time being; it’ll be a more just jurisdiction to make by the university. So here’s my thing: if you know you have nothing to worry about and you don’t harm your students or your co-student then don’t raise your voice against it; otherwise be loud enough.