To Die Or Not To Die

by wecantalk

Consider this LIFE’s greatest irony or maybe earth’s unresolved problem. We are made by our parents, nurtured for nine months, made to be strong, we’ll study or work as soon as possible then we will make another one to repeat this cycle and so on and so forth it goes. Unfair is: this is one of the cycle  that would eventually come to an end. How? We die. Yes, we will or we shall die. I said “we shall die” because no matter how rich you become or how inteligent you are, the very you is still a human; and not a god. We ain’t Zeus or Hades nor can we be half-god like Hercules. We can’t live quite a long time like eternity here on earth because a such would mean equality to the Above. But then, even though we all know that death is an assurance, we still want to study – that usually takes at least 16 years – and we still want jobs and all the money on earth for the rest of our lives. Two possible reasons: one, we want to maximize our stay; or two, we’re just going with the flow. The former reminds me of a famous saying: “You can only live once but if you make it right once is enough.” Well said and I have absolutely nothing against with that because that is so true. But conflict is: we are humans, as stated above, and so, no matter what, we are born to be uncontented. We always seek for the truth and want for more and better; we are naturally curious and keen. And being curious and uncontented is not always negative. Through these characteristics Sir Isaac Newton found Physics and Bill Gates made Microsoft. And so I should say that, while the saying is enthusiastic and candid, it is quite easy to stitch sayings but the application and acceptance of it is the hardest job on earth.

“We can’t live quite
a long time like
eternity here on earth
because a such would
mean equality to the

And I know it is not just me tackling about this phenomenon. Very long time ago, Chinese and Indian alchemists are so busy formulating the Elixir of Life. This Elixir of Life is said to be something in the form of liquid that when you drink even a very small amount can make you immortal or young forever. It is also said that gold is the main content of it together with mercury, sulfur and salt and others I don’t know. Funny here is: most of the chemicals included are actually poisonous. Poisonous enough that there are a lot of people during the ancient time that tried drinking and died immediately; some of them are king. Even J. K. Rowling dedicated her first Harry Potter book to this Elixir of Life or also known as the Philosopher’s Stone. Vampires, if they really exist, are said to be immortal but they have to drink blood in order to maintain immortality. (Could it be that Elixir of Life is blood?) Or it is possible that you, reader, feel the same way as mine and those alchemists since we take medications in order to extend our lives.

So where am I heading? I don’t know too. It feels unfair and a little illogical to strive hard, study hard, work hard, play hard and ended up dying. Worst for some people that they’ll die without living comfortably or die without the world knowing their well-lived lives. But maybe it is just the way for all of us. It is the way our Creator wanted for us. So for closing, I would like to add that me, you, we shall live everyday the way we want it. Show who you are, don’t hide and speak up. If you are good enough, announce your presence to the world so that, even at your small way, you would be remembered. Let me just take it back: consider LIFE as the greatest blessing or earth’s most precious answer.