iPhone5 An Evidence Apple Needs Coping Up, Smartphone Industry

by wecantalk

Disclaimer: I am not an Apple user but I am in no way a hater of the company. I’ve used Blackberry and is now on Android platform. Having said that, I will not be bias on writing this article.

There is not a single reason why Apple, Inc. wouldn’t be considered as the game changer in the cellphone market. Way back 2007, they have introduced us to a heat-of-the-body sensitive touch screen phone, the iPhone 2G. It is probably the most revolutionary phone in the history as of the moment. Apple is also accounted for having a website or a “store” where you can buy applications, games, music, movies, podcast, etc. It is because of this company that the word “app” (abbreviation of application) has been widely used. They introduced us to quality games such as Tap Tap, Angry Birds, World of Goo, Temple Run, and to many in their iTunes store. Besides developing the cellphone scene, they also pulled yet another revolutionary products such as iPod, iTouch, iPad and the Macs. But with companies with the likes of Samsung, HTC, LG and Nokia getting their “smartphone” assignments done, and the considered-genius Steve Jobs, cofounder of Apple, passed away, can the remaining Apple bites handle the competition? Can they pull out any revolutionary products without Jobs? Are they still be on the top?

For their last 5 years in the smartphone industry, they have always been the most sought after company

Apple recently unveiled the 6th iPhone, the iPhone 5, last September 13 alongside with the 5th iPod Touch and the 7th iPod Nano. I’m not enough techy person to discuss every spec the iPhone 5 has – at least CNET can do the job, but I believe I am learn enough to understand the sheet of specs. So the question here is: are the upgrades on par with the competition?

Apple has never been in this position before, I believe. For their last 5 years in the smartphone industry, they have always been the most sought after company. By that I mean other company will update their products based on what Apple will release. But tables can really turn, can’t they? HTC has already unveiled One X and Samsung has the people mouth salivary wet with the S3. For me, those two devices are legit challenge to Apple Inc and Apple faithfuls alike. But here’s the thing: Samsung and HTC lead the competition which makes it look like Apple is the one coping up. One noteworthy feature is the screen. For the last 5 iPhones that Apple has released, they kept the 3.5-incher screen the same. But, with the even older devices like Samsung Galaxy S2 and numerous gigantic HTC devices, Apple was forced to omit the 3.5″ to a 4-incher one. Is it a sign that Apple is trying to cope with the competition? Yes, definitely.

Yes, and they are actually sitting to the second spot quite some time already

Moving the specifications behind, even the consumers’ reactions did not favored on the iPhone 5. Some tweeted that its not “magic enough” (probably referring to the Steve Jobs magic we are used to) while other said that less people care because a lot have already bought the S3. A lot of tech-savvy people also offered that the new iPod Touch is a better buy for them. Just for some information the new iPod will sport 4″ display, dual core A5 (Apple’s own processing chip) and Siri support (virtual personal assistant of iOS).

Is Apple ranking second place already? Yes, and they are actually sitting to the second spot quite some time already. According to a specific statistics, Samsung takes the first spot already in selling handsets while Apple is right behind. Could this be … could this be the reason of Apple’s lawsuit against Samsung?

The Apple-Samsung Case

Apple, surprisingly, takes the competition to another soil many did not saw coming. It filed a lawsuit against the Korean-company to various countries claiming that it copied iPhone on Samsung’s Galaxy S unit and some software icons. First and foremost, I already forget when did Samsung released the Galaxy S; and for whatever reason, Apple chose to file a case against it when Samsung has S3 already. And second, I just thought that industry such as gadgets industry is pure competition, healthy competition I should say. And “healthy competition” for me in the market don’t involve lawsuits. If you want to be competitive, your company should equalize or overtake your competition’s products and services; that is actually the way how consumers can also benefit. And lastly, I hope not everyone forgot how LG also accuse Apple of copying the LG Prada’s design to iPhone. Personally, I think it did not strengthen Apple as an incorporation and as a producer in the eyes of the consumers. They could have won the lawsuit in the US but I know our folks in Samsung can found a way or two to fix this mess off and give Apple a fair competition in the market.

Other Players: Windows Phone, Blackberry

Many people may be over-focus on Apple-Android competition. Android, the Google owned mobile operating system, has several armies to back them up like, as stated already, Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Sony, Huawei, Alcatel, Lenovo, Acer and to numerous out there who use this open source OS. Apple, on the other hand, has their own operating system named iOS which, as of the moment iPhone5 was announced, is on their 6th enhancement. As oppose to several army Android has, iPhone single-handedly takes the competition.

As big as Apple and Android as they may seems, let’s not forget some players out in the market waiting for you.

Windows Phone
Windows Phone, formerly Windows Mobile, is yet another breathing OS available. They recently unveiled the Windows Phone 8 via Samung Ativ S. The WP has long been with entice to Samsung, HTC and LG but has never been that much of a factor to the industry. But just recently, Nokia dropped their old OS, Symbian, and embraced Windows Phone in hopes that it can help them be in the race again after being topped by Apple and Android devices. And just like a wizard cast a spell, Nokia is now a decent competitor and has taken seriously Windows Phone in the scene. Gorgeous, sexy and colorful, the Nokia Lumia line handles the WP OS very well with its polycarbonate casing.

Blackberry: No More Space For New Message
As I said above, I was once a Blackberry user and I should be honest that my relationship with my BB is one of a kind – the kind of experience that is satisfactory.

Honestly, my fellas at Blackberry, I love you all but you should really hurry

But I should be honest, too, that right now, Blackberry is in the world of trouble after Samsung has S3, HTC has One X (ohh! One X+ already coming) and Nokia has Lumia 920; and BB, well they have none. Yes they recently updated the Curve, Torch and Bold line – most noticeable is the Bold 9900 which has both the QWERTY and touch – but those devices won’t make a lot of user to cross-platform for them. I mean, those are pretty good handsets but apparently not Blackberry-esque enough. Should I say that the times when Blackberry devices is the most coveted handset is gone? When the executives has only one device and that’s the BB? Is Blackberry out of the game already? We are yet to find out folks. Right now, they are still cooking the Blackberry 10 OS and some new devices which appeared to be all-touch. Honestly, my fellas at Blackberry, I love you all but you should really hurry.

Every End Is also A Beginning, And Vice Versa

I once answered a tweet asking which device is superior: S3, Lumia 920 or iPhone 5; and I confidently answered none of them are superior, it just depends on one’s needs. You, my dear friends, see that no particular manufacturer or OS should be superior over the other, it is just a matter of preference. Companies like Apple, Samsung, Nokia and the rest works so hard to know what do we want and, more importantly, what do we need. Buy the device you are most comfortable along with; and do not buy products just because its too mainstream, believe me, you won’t be happy at the end of everyday. It doesn’t really matter whether your device is manufactured by a giant company or a company struggling to keep up; what’s important is you and the company has the win-win situation. You buy their products because they made it right for you and you pay them the amount worth their products. You wouldn’t want to pay an overpriced phone and get the less that you need, would you? Also, give every company the chance to prove themselves. Don’t shut the door especially when its still too early.