Facebook Speaks In Behalf Of Us

by wecantalk

There is no wonder, Facebook has took place already where Friendster has left. The kingdoms of Friendster and MySpace before is dominated now by a single social networking site, Facebook. Facebook has now a whooping members of one billion active users. Truly, Facebook has caught the heart of many of us to be logged in everyday.

To pay back our interest to the website, Marc Zuckerberg and the rest of his team is constantly updating the website for its betterment. Just this year, Facebook introduced us to cover photos and a whole new experience viewing photos. There are also a lot of features it already has at its launch just like the integrated chat box and the like button.

‘The Things That Connect Us’, that is the selling quotation of Facebook’s commercial. Needless to prove, it really gave social websites a leap forward connecting us to our family, friends and love ones who are far from us. And to give us something to talk about, Facebook released a video of how they intend the website to be.

You can comment your thoughts on the commercial or your personal experience as to why this video speaks in behalf of you.

Video courtesy of Facebook’s YouTube channel.