Is Chris Brown Really A Changed Man?

by wecantalk

Its been a while already and guess its time to rekindle romance – or, as they say, friendship. Rihanna and Chris Brown are seen in public together for numerous times lately. It all started on the 2012 VMA MTV Awards night where both went home triumphant, Rihanna winning Video of the Year while Brown got the Male Video of the Year. At that event, they were seen kissing – but not the way it was before – just a friendly one. Many were struck but others are happy for the ex-lovers. In an interview, Rihanna clarified that she and the With You-singer is on he friendship stage as it is never easy for both of them to get back that swift to where they left.








But that is just the start. The following days, headlines are all over them. They were seen exiting from the same hotel at a different time; they were seen in a bar together; and in a Jay-Z concert sitting next to each other. The bar incident is a little special. A drunk Chris Brown said that he is in love with two people referring to his current girlfriend and, of course, Rihanna. They were also seen all tangled on the same bar and kissing – a little more than what friends will do though. After some time, reports were about Chris breaking up with his girlfriend at the moment. Is that for Rihanna’s place?



But is this really the right move for them personally and in regards to their career? Are the fans going to be happy for them? What do you think?

It reminds me to that Chris Brown song about Rihanna and his crituques; the song title is ‘Changed Man’. What a song title; doesn’t that speak for itself? Here is my favorite lyrics of it:

But I’ma make it up to you

And show the world

I’m a changed man’

Cause you mean that much to me

I don’t wanna be done
I’m doing all that I can

And everybody hates Chris

They can never understand