Instagram Incident: Justin Bieber’s Attitude Problem Gone Wild

by wecantalk

This is not the first time that the music industry has a young achiever. I mean, we have Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake and many others out there but Justin Bieber is different amongst all of them. Aside from being discovered in the popular video sharing site, YouTube, he also has no professional training before entering the arena of music. Aside from these, Justin Bieber – barely 5 years in the industry – has shown signs of attitude problems already.

You can tell I’ve been watching his career and his attitude for quite some time already. (You can back read my post Justin Bieber: Attitude Problem Soars High as Career Do?). Just to clarify the deal here: I am totally not against this young guy, in fact, I have all of his CDs from the very first up to his latest. So, there is in no way you can call me a hater or an anti. I just want to make everyone see he has this attitude.

There have been many names that have been called to Bieber but he is totally unscathed with this as he is continuously evading many young girls heart. But, there are some situations wherein we make ourselves look bad to the already bashing crowd. The Canadian-superstar posted several photos on his Instagram account taunting the Filipino-boxing champion, Manny Pacquiao, after being knocked down by Juan Manuel Marquez on the last seconds of the 6th round. Below are the photos posted by Justin in his Instagram account. Credit to the owner.



The latter photo has some very interesting caption by Justin himself: “Dad wake up”

Justin then said that those are just his “boxing opinions.” Yeah? Has anybody told Bieber that opinion can be synonymous with insulting. If he really just wanted to give his “boxing opinion” (because maybe he is in full position to give so), he could have opted for a cleaner one like posting on Twitter how the fight went or something in his mind. To post your “opinion” with these kind of images only denotes that you are: 1.) bias; 2.) not a good public figure or an idol especially to the youth; 3.) you are not radical enough; and 4.) you don’t understand boxing enough. Sure, not everyone of us who watch sports understand it as it is but athletes know one thing: “sportsmanship.” And that big word also accompanies “respect.”

As some of you might not know, Justin Bieber is a celtic of Floyd Mayweather – Manny’s ultimate rival. There have some heated words over the internet between the sides of the two fighters. Maybe that is also the reason why Justin Bieber chose to hit Pacman on the lower side of the belt.


Speaking of Mayweather, in an interview, he stated how he feels so bad with how Pacquiao lost. He openly expressed how he wish that Manny can “bounce back like a true champion” from that lost to Marquez. He also commend how the Filipino-congressman is fulfilling his other responsibility outside the ring and that Manny needs some vacation as well to tune up his body and mind. (You can read the whole article here). I’m not a Mayweather fan but to be fair with the whole sports community, I must say that he gain me so much respect for respecting his colleague. I’m not just sure as to how that will reflect to Justin.

I mean, come one! I’m not telling here that I am flawless with my posts and opinions when it comes to social networking sites. But Justin Bieber should start realizing by now that he is different from many of us. He is a public figure and whatever he says (or posts) will be a world-renown topic across the oceans. Of course he can freely express his opinion but in a rather proper way of delivering it – that is: no one or may be no race will be harm. Did I say that I am a Filipino?