STOP And Look At The Beauty Everywhere

by wecantalk


We are always busy: schedules, flights, meetings, gatherings or simply gimmicks. Human nature nowadays is an activity-based living. Is that bad? I don’t think so that is bad. Perhaps it is just part of evolution. What makes it a little more concerning is that we are being held up too tight with our activities we might – might – fail to realize some things important.

I’ve once watched a video on Facebook of a man who stood in a busy hall of a subway train station and played some classic music for about 20 minutes or so with his violin. This man right here performs regularly on different sides of the world for hundreds of thousands of dollars per night and he is doing this exactly for free – if not for some alms. This experiment was implemented by a certain magazine whose specific name I forgot because I was too stressed by the time. Unfortunately (but is almost expected), everyone is too busy, too late or too occupied to even notice a bit of the piece that is playing on their background. Some gave a coin or two; some bother staring for a while but no one really paid attention worth mentioning.


This is such a revelation for everyone who happened to see the video. It was ground-breaking and at the same time eye-opener. Will we be able to see the beauty behind the bars of today? Will we ever stop for sometime and notice an unexpected awesomeness on our everyday activities? Or, will you ever bother asking yourself about these questions?

There are quite some happenings around the globe right now. There are so many random killings I don’t know why, innovation on cellphones and other gadgets continue to bloom, terrorists here and there and some economic breakdown in some spots of the world; its so hard to stop by for a second or two to just stare at the finest things not man-made. Mountains, trees, birds, talents, cloud, love, peace, hope, faith – hell even a stray dog. Of course, you can tell these are just words I’m saying but on a reality basis, this is quite hard to be implemented. That’s is true right there, it will be so hard but it will never be impossible. I’m not going to say to everyone that we need time-management because that is quite hard to fulfill and besides, who knows what time it really is. What I wanted to say rather is to give a little space for the beauty even in your smallest way. For myself, example, I vowed to at least watch one movie per day or read a book or poem or maybe draw some sketches. This way, I can watch some others’ talent on acting or a story I might be inspired off; or some creative mind’s idea of how love should fare or may be proceed with my own talent by writing or drawing.