Charice Pempengo: Choice Between Family And Herself

by wecantalk

ccIt is very uncomfortable to watch and hear how a mother can both be reassuring and disturbing at the same time. This is probably what Charice Pempengo is struggling right now. She is in the middle of a mental confusion, and gender if you’ll consider it, that can be a result from so many factors. She’s still young, free-spirited and full of ambitions. She once took the Hollywood in awe amazement by her singing prowess and we, Filipinos, believe she still has a long way to travel. Although this gender issue is not just kept inside the rims of their home, it is publicly being televised by many networks; of course with their permissions. Both Charice and her mother, Rachelle Pempengo, have been to numerous interviews already. Does these commercials can help Charice’s career or will it back fire?
Are The Stars Still Reachable?

Charice Pempengo first appeared on US tv at the Ellen de Generes show then at Oprah Winfrey’s. A couple concert cameo performance such on Celine Dion stage and even released an album with her single, Pyramid featuring Iyaz. She also guessed a couple times at a singing drama series, Glee. But shortly, she came back to the Philippines and got some guesting and shows. She was then a woman until she revealed she wasn’t. To be honest, the gender is not the major issue here. Mommy Rachelle’s concern is not primarily on it as well. The main peak of controversy is whether the US television will still want her or not. There’s no point in denying that although some tends to disregard that fact. Will she still be as a legit performer as when she’s a ‘she’?

cI believe she still got it. She still have the charm (although not in the same manner as before). The voice doesn’t change when you change gender. You can force it to but it will come back to form. Nevertheless, to say that Charice’s voice is powerful is still an understatement. This teen is packed with a voice of a thousand choir sopranos all combined. Do hollywood want that kind of quality? To be honest, there is less market for Charice even is she’s a full girl. I mean, we Filipinos are naturally small and brown. So to ask if the world want her? A big NO. (‘Cause they want autotune). But, there’s a but, I can confidently say that hollywood ‘need’ her. The world still needs to fulfill the likes of Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Aretha Franklin; and Charice can be one of the younger generations to follow the legend’s steps.

Charice And Mother Issue

Planned and decided: these are the words that can perfectly describe Charice’s sudden unengagement to her home in Tagaytay. Of course, that comes along leaving her mother and brother in lone. But why did she did such rebellous act? Please don’t mistaken my choice of word, she is not undergoing rebellion. It is just that I understand how she feels. She felt like a chick who wanted to go out of her eggshell but her mother kept sitting on it. That can be one of the worst feeling ever: suppresion. Charice probably realized how it is possible that today is her last day or that the dinner last night might not to be followed anymore; and she wanted to reveal to her own mother and to the public how her male genes have come over her whole body. Although this on-myself thing she did, I really really hope that she’ll come back real soon. I really don’t like teens leaving homes and making their parents worry. However, sometimes, it can be your best option. Just come back home, Charice.


One thing I just noted about Rachelle Pempengo is one of her statement in our local channel: “Kahit hindi ka mag-sorry, tatanggapin kita. Basta umuwi ka lang. (Even if you don’t ask for forgiveness, I’ll accept you. Just come home.)” I was totally saddened when I heard those choice of words. How could you say such words to your child that left home indefinitely? Could it be because Charice is the one who brings money home?

Sorry for my words but that is the first thing that came to my mind when I heard those words which actually makes sense when I learned that Charice has stopped giving allowance to her family.  Part of me is may be still too young and immature to think that way or may be because I’m  not a parent myself. But I just wished Rachelle has shown more elegance and composure.

Where Will The Road Lead?

ccccIf I were the script writer of this particular novel, I would end it the Charice way. She being a lesbian but still coming home. That would be very ideal especially when offers abroad are still flowing. For the American brand of television, I know your land is much more open-minded and liberated (in a good way) than we are in the Philippines. For sure, you will understand that it is never a crime to be a lesbian or gay. As Lady Gaga said in her song: No matter gay, straight or bi, lesbian, transgendered life, I’m on the right track, baby, I was born this way.

As of press time, Charice is still away from her home and also announced that she has a girlfriend. She also stated that she is working really hard for her future. As for her mother, Rachelle, she also revealed in a press conference that she’s a lesbian herself but came back to being a woman in command of her mother.


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