A World Without Sex

by wecantalk

I’ve met a lot of people in my life who says that they do not, in anyway, discriminate sexes. But unfortunately, down the road, they are quite unaware that they are actually very sexist.


“I kind of like the idea how we

don’t dwell on how imperfect we were born”

There are some things that stayed in my mind that my professors taught. Awkwardly for me because I’m an engineering student, one of the highlights goes like this: there are stuffs in life that are actually accidental, not a car accident or a slip on the floor, but things that you don’t have control to before you were even born; for such, the color of your hair is accident (blonde, brunette, red), the color of your eye, your race and mostly your physical attributes. Yeah, this is in Philosophy class anyway. But what made it stick in my mind even if it was some years ago is that I kind of like the idea how we don’t dwell on how imperfect we were born. That one supposedly minor lesson, I’m due to forget and just remember the formulas, changed a lot to my understandings of the more sensitive topics that we have to think about as a concern human being.

You see, even ‘sex’ – as in either male/female – is just an accident. There are no games that our Creator let your parents play to determine which way you shall go. And in this context it is saddening how this modern day era still pulls off some sexist words or acts that we see on almost daily basis.


james bluntSome people will never understand this idea. As I’ve said, people think they do not discriminate people by sex but they actually do. I talk to a lot of people who thinks that color defines a sex. For once, “Color has no gender.” Pink is not a masculine or feminine or gay, not at all. It just happens that the color Pink has a soft feature. There is nothing wrong with a red coat or an orange one because it doesn’t make you girly or whatever that’s sexist idealism going on inside your mind. Well of course, depends on the occasion or event. Another common idealism is that songs have gender. For me that sounds rather ridiculous. I am once told by my Literature Professor that in any literary piece, be it a novel or poem, the author should be considered dead. That means the one the literary is pertaining to when it says words “I” or “me” is not the author but the character. Sure, poems and stories can be cracked down if you will consider that author’s life and feelings the time he/she is writing, but that’s only if you are in a classroom and want to break every word that were used. But say, in a song, if James Blunt sings ‘You’re beautiful …’ it doesn’t mean he is only referring to a woman because, in all fairness to the idea of non-sexist, men can be beautiful as well. And the same way, when Lady Gaga sings Poker Face, it doesn’t automatically aims from a girl to a guy because, again, the singer is dead. It is merely just a representation of some sort. Representation just like the pagans used the image of a sun to mean god.


I had a dream once while I’m trying to make myself fall asleep. A world disregarding sexes. A world who doesn’t let accidental physical features fool each and every one of us. A world who doesn’t see women unreliable, or vice versa. A surrounding of peace and equality.