PASUKAN 2014: The Bitter Reality Against PNOY’s Claims

by wecantalk

So its this time of the year again when students rush to schools and the parents have to wake up way earlier than their children just to prepare what are needed. But there’s something special about the ‘Pasukan 2014’ that keeps media busy lately. It is the fact how PNOY keeps telling us that there are no more problems or shortage in classrooms, chairs and books when, in reality, there are plethora of significant lapses and needs.




Sure, Filipinos want to hear good news in every president’s State of the Nation Address; but let’s not forget that we only want the truth more than anything else. If PNOY just wants to lure that Filipinos into liking him, that sounds desperate to me.

President Benigno Aquino III keeps boasting that he and his administration have potentially increased the budget for education (not considering other sectors’ sacrifices, though, but we’ll get to that later) and how the lack of teachers, classrooms, chairs and books have decreased by a great number. Yeah right; well, that’s just a big lie. Why’d I say that? Because in reality, the heavenly dream of PNOY in our education system are far from comfort, especially in his term.

if you, politicians,

have corrupted minds,

please do not corrupt

also our

education system


A prominent and certified social media-friendly person, Bianca Gonzales, has retweeted several pictures from ABS-CBN reporter Angelique Atienza. And the photos are quite interesting.

Indeed, many public schools in the Philippines still rely heavily on covered courts and even canteens for their classes to be held; it is inappropriate for both the teachers and students plus where are the supposed budgets going to be if not here, not to mention how noisy it is outdoors.



















Manila Bulletin’s twitter account also has some pictures to share to us. It is not directly related to education, but roads and public highways – not only in Metro Manila but also in other provinces – has to be improved or, better yet, has to be started. Look at how dangerous it will be for the students to cross the river just to get to the public school. How about if there’s a rain? Seriously, Mr. President?









Meanwhile, GMA’s News TV 11 program State of the Nation with Jessica Soho is much braver in tackling the issue. They released a photo directly addressed to Mr. President and the government underlying. Interesting as well, you would usually think that media programs, especially one with Ms. Soho in it, will choose the words rather careful and with full commitment. Well, apparently they chosen strong words such as “… sa pagkakataong ito (this time)” and “…tuluyan na sanang tugunan ng gobyerno (may the government truly respond).” Its just like as if the government of Aquino has been telling us all the lies but doesn’t really do such things and ideology. Look at the official photo released by GMA News TV11 below.














So it is quite obvious that the unafraid media tells us how little the Aquino administration is doing in regards to our education system. In our province here in Cavite, Grade 2 students, who are basically still toddlers and babies of their parents, have to shift school time between 6am-12pm and 12pm-6pm. Can you imagine your barely 7-year-old kid going to school at 6 in the morning or going home as late as 6pm? Not to mention that most of those kids are from far away streets and barangays.

Let’s support

our education system

clear and truthful

so that tomorrow,

we won’t need USA

to defend ourselves

from China

Just to be clear, I’m not trying to detest President Noynoy or his government but, we, citizens and netizens alike, want one thing: truth. Probably one word that is hardly in most politicians nowadays (at least here in the Philippines). We always hear the same cliches you seem to commit during the elections and my poor countrymen will always fall in love, eh? Well, please… if you, politicians, have corrupted minds, please do not corrupt also our education system. It is the only and far most important than your vacations and porshe treasure we can have to our children’s children. Let’s give Philippines a chance to get its reign here in Asia. Let’s support our education system clear and truthful so that tomorrow, we won’t need USA to defend ourselves from China. I know that our current president don’t have a family or a kid but I hope he can understand this: “Dear Mr. President, please do not cheat on your children.”

How about in your province? How’s the Pasukan 2014 going? Is it smooth or is it also rough and has lapses? Share with us.

Disclaimer: All photos credit to the owner.