Violence Against Women are Everywhere, We’re Not Just Man Enough

by wecantalk

Late last year, a famous YouTube channel that features pranks on people, DmPranksProduction, posted a very interesting video. The 3:48-minute video is a social experiment on how people usually reacts on a public stunt of a man physically abusing a woman. The scenario is shot at a park where a couple is apparently in the middle of a quarrel that turn out to be rather physical. Spoiler alert: the result is heart-breaking.

Image of an abused woman forced not to speak about it

Although, one can argue that there are different factors in this regard. First, there are quite a lot of old people that passed-by in the video. One YouTube user named Ricardo Camacho said it best: “If you’re a 70 year old you’ll most surely not stick your nose in that sort of thing, unless you decide to call the police.” And then there’s our second factor, police. Most people, especially in Western Countries, rely heavily on the authority of police, which is of course a great thing. But, let’s not forget that all civilians have the power to arrest a proven criminal (especially one who is caught in the act) provided you apply just amount of reciprocating force. And last unbalanced factor why some people didn’t do anything to stop the guy is weakness. Either you are a sick person, a woman or you know that at your physical condition you won’t stand a fight against the guy.

Either these factors are apprehending the results or not, the ideology is clear: speak up against violence on women or, better yet, stop abuse on women.

Well, after all, this is just a social experiment. In reality though, at least according to the YouTube channel, 1 out of 4 women is a victim of domestic violence. That 25% actually is a huge amount provided we are in 2014 where men, women, gays ad lesbians are suppose to be in same level of platform already.

Watch the video here:


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