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STOP And Look At The Beauty Everywhere


We are always busy: schedules, flights, meetings, gatherings or simply gimmicks. Human nature nowadays is an activity-based living. Is that bad? I don’t think so that is bad. Perhaps it is just part of evolution. What makes it a little more concerning is that we are being held up too tight with our activities we might – might – fail to realize some things important.

I’ve once watched a video on Facebook of a man who stood in a busy hall of a subway train station and played some classic music for about 20 minutes or so with his violin. This man right here performs regularly on different sides of the world for hundreds of thousands of dollars per night and he is doing this exactly for free – if not for some alms. This experiment was implemented by a certain magazine whose specific name I forgot because I was too stressed by the time. Unfortunately (but is almost expected), everyone is too busy, too late or too occupied to even notice a bit of the piece that is playing on their background. Some gave a coin or two; some bother staring for a while but no one really paid attention worth mentioning. Read the rest of this entry »


Instagram Incident: Justin Bieber’s Attitude Problem Gone Wild

This is not the first time that the music industry has a young achiever. I mean, we have Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake and many others out there but Justin Bieber is different amongst all of them. Aside from being discovered in the popular video sharing site, YouTube, he also has no professional training before entering the arena of music. Aside from these, Justin Bieber – barely 5 years in the industry – has shown signs of attitude problems already.

You can tell I’ve been watching his career and his attitude for quite some time already. (You can back read my post Justin Bieber: Attitude Problem Soars High as Career Do?). Just to clarify the deal here: I am totally not against this young guy, in fact, I have all of his CDs from the very first up to his latest. So, there is in no way you can call me a hater or an anti. I just want to make everyone see he has this attitude. Read the rest of this entry »

Is Chris Brown Really A Changed Man?

Its been a while already and guess its time to rekindle romance – or, as they say, friendship. Rihanna and Chris Brown are seen in public together for numerous times lately. It all started on the 2012 VMA MTV Awards night where both went home triumphant, Rihanna winning Video of the Year while Brown got the Male Video of the Year. At that event, they were seen kissing – but not the way it was before – just a friendly one. Many were struck but others are happy for the ex-lovers. In an interview, Rihanna clarified that she and the With You-singer is on he friendship stage as it is never easy for both of them to get back that swift to where they left. Read the rest of this entry »

Candid Song Award: Rihanna’s Diamonds

The Queen of pop released a new single last month from her upcoming CD. We chose it as our very first Candid Song Award! Listen and internalize.

Facebook Speaks In Behalf Of Us

There is no wonder, Facebook has took place already where Friendster has left. The kingdoms of Friendster and MySpace before is dominated now by a single social networking site, Facebook. Facebook has now a whooping members of one billion active users. Truly, Facebook has caught the heart of many of us to be logged in everyday.

To pay back our interest to the website, Marc Zuckerberg and the rest of his team is constantly updating the website for its betterment. Just this year, Facebook introduced us to cover photos and a whole new experience viewing photos. There are also a lot of features it already has at its launch just like the integrated chat box and the like button.

‘The Things That Connect Us’, that is the selling quotation of Facebook’s commercial. Needless to prove, it really gave social websites a leap forward connecting us to our family, friends and love ones who are far from us. And to give us something to talk about, Facebook released a video of how they intend the website to be.

You can comment your thoughts on the commercial or your personal experience as to why this video speaks in behalf of you.

Video courtesy of Facebook’s YouTube channel.

iPhone5 An Evidence Apple Needs Coping Up, Smartphone Industry

Disclaimer: I am not an Apple user but I am in no way a hater of the company. I’ve used Blackberry and is now on Android platform. Having said that, I will not be bias on writing this article.

There is not a single reason why Apple, Inc. wouldn’t be considered as the game changer in the cellphone market. Way back 2007, they have introduced us to a heat-of-the-body sensitive touch screen phone, the iPhone 2G. It is probably the most revolutionary phone in the history as of the moment. Apple is also accounted for having a website or a “store” where you can buy applications, games, music, movies, podcast, etc. It is because of this company that the word “app” (abbreviation of application) has been widely used. They introduced us to quality games such as Tap Tap, Angry Birds, World of Goo, Temple Run, and to many in their iTunes store. Besides developing the cellphone scene, they also pulled yet another revolutionary products such as iPod, iTouch, iPad and the Macs. But with companies with the likes of Samsung, HTC, LG and Nokia getting their “smartphone” assignments done, and the considered-genius Steve Jobs, cofounder of Apple, passed away, can the remaining Apple bites handle the competition? Can they pull out any revolutionary products without Jobs? Are they still be on the top? Read the rest of this entry »

To Die Or Not To Die

Consider this LIFE’s greatest irony or maybe earth’s unresolved problem. We are made by our parents, nurtured for nine months, made to be strong, we’ll study or work as soon as possible then we will make another one to repeat this cycle and so on and so forth it goes. Unfair is: this is one of the cycle  that would eventually come to an end. How? We die. Yes, we will or we shall die. I said “we shall die” because no matter how rich you become or how inteligent you are, the very you is still a human; and not a god. We ain’t Zeus or Hades nor can we be half-god like Hercules. We can’t live quite a long time like eternity here on earth because a such would mean equality to the Above. But then, even though we all know that death is an assurance, we still want to study – that usually takes at least 16 years – and we still want jobs and all the money on earth for the rest of our lives. Two possible reasons: one, we want to maximize our stay; or two, we’re just going with the flow. The former reminds me of a famous saying: “You can only live once but if you make it right once is enough.” Well said and I have absolutely nothing against with that because that is so true. But conflict is: we are humans, as stated above, and so, no matter what, we are born to be uncontented. We always seek for the truth and want for more and better; we are naturally curious and keen. And being curious and uncontented is not always negative. Through these characteristics Sir Isaac Newton found Physics and Bill Gates made Microsoft. And so I should say that, while the saying is enthusiastic and candid, it is quite easy to stitch sayings but the application and acceptance of it is the hardest job on earth. Read the rest of this entry »

CCTVs at Universities Controversy

Buzz has been buzzing around different universities lately especially here at the Philippines. So it’s the technology now that’s evading the vicinities of a campus. But take note, its not just around the campus grounds; the next thing you’ll know they are within inches from you.

CCTVs have, no doubt, proven its usefulness to us especially in solving cases of the “BAD GUYS.” Inside a shopping mall, hotels, banks and pawnshops and many others have utilize and, unfortunately, maximize the use of those buggy cameras around the corner. Some universities opted to install the said type of surveillance cameras around the grounds to keep an eye to trespassers who have other bad plans in mind. Helpful? So much!

But then, people will never ever be contented – as our nature says. CCTVs are now or will now be installed inside classrooms. The room of learning, quizzes, tests and home for the others. And of course, as another nature of human, we cannot all agree with it. Read the rest of this entry »

Brain-drain Attacks Now And Before

Its funny here in the Philippines. A good number of Laudes – like Suma Cum Laude – graduate yearly from different universities all over the Philippines; universities are very competitive against each other and some are world-reknown campuses. If you will look deeply to a certain university, professors have post-graduate studies here in the country and abroad, thesises are legit to be to be recognize worldwide and, I bet, our curriculum is good if not excellent. But if we’ll look at the perspective as a country: none of them remained.

I said it and I mean it. After studying in our poor country; after the ever-corrupt-whoever-is-on-the-position government take good care of them; all they want to do is to fly away from this third-world. I did emphasize the “third-world” because: 1. That might be one of their reasons for leaving the country and 2. Being such will produce a lot  more different reasons to fly. Read the rest of this entry »

Stick To The Status Quo

And so it’s official: Aga Mulach joined the PNOY’s Liberal Party which only means that he will be running at a certain government post. I have no idea yet as to where and what particular post Mulach will be running but the thing is: celebrities are evading the local government now and even before. Or can we just stop them?

Lito Lapid, Bong Revilla, Lani Mercado, Tito Sotto, Arnel Ignacio, Manny Pacquiao, Sonny Jaworski, Noli de Castro, Angelica Jones are just of those personalities who conquered the public service area. Maybe some of them did well, while some are struggling but worst, some of them are mere fame only. Let me just let this out: do not support them.

There I said the evil inside opinion inside of me. Am I a hater? Maybe some will say yes but I don’t think I’m a hater. Its just that public service is never a job nor will it be anytime soon. Government positions need not only a heart for the people, selflessness, morale but also knowledge to what you are going thru. I recognize that our constitution only that a candidate only knows how to READ AND WRITE even to the highest post, president, but only if it’s not too much to ask it will be a better country if they are college graduates. What I’m trying to arrive at here is everything is at stake (country, people, money, progress) and no you can’t run if you don’t understand.

I remember Alfred Vargas, hunk actor who tried to be a mayor of a specific city in the Philippines but then unfortunate trails him; he lost. He lost only to know that he actually graduate a degree from Ateneo de Manila which I think makes him more legible than Lito Lapid.

Stick to the status quo, my dear countrymen. If you’re a painter don’t hesitate to paint; or just don’t try to be an engineer. You’re better off painting than trying to be build bridges and buildings which the mass is going to utilize.