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“Planet Earth Is You” Video

A strong video message posted on Facebook last August 3, 2013 still circulates the social network up to this day and has over 3000 likes, 9000 shares and hundreds of comments. “Planet Earth Is You” aims to re-inquire what humans’ role is here on Mother Earth. The 4:43-minute video says that ‘human’ is the worst specie because we attack, destroy and contaminate our surrounding. It also reminds us that this planet doesn’t belong to anyone and that nature – including animals, plants and water and land formations – have been here peacefully “way before us.”


My mom told me that because of these human activities, there will come a day that we will go back to time zero

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Candid Song Award: Rihanna’s Diamonds

The Queen of pop released a new single last month from her upcoming CD. We chose it as our very first Candid Song Award! Listen and internalize.