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Violence Against Women are Everywhere, We’re Not Just Man Enough

Late last year, a famous YouTube channel that features pranks on people, DmPranksProduction, posted a very interesting video. The 3:48-minute video is a social experiment on how people usually reacts on a public stunt of a man physically abusing a woman. The scenario is shot at a park where a couple is apparently in the middle of a quarrel that turn out to be rather physical. Spoiler alert: the result is heart-breaking.

Image of an abused woman forced not to speak about it

Although, one can argue that there are different factors in this regard. First, there are quite a lot of old people that passed-by in the video. One YouTube user named Ricardo Camacho said it best: “If you’re a 70 year old you’ll most surely not stick your nose in that sort of thing, unless you decide to call the police.” And then there’s our second factor, police. Most people, especially in Western Countries, rely heavily on the authority of police, which is of course a great thing. But, let’s not forget that all civilians have the power to arrest a proven criminal (especially one who is caught in the act) provided you apply just amount of reciprocating force. And last unbalanced factor why some people didn’t do anything to stop the guy is weakness. Either you are a sick person, a woman or you know that at your physical condition you won’t stand a fight against the guy.

Either these factors are apprehending the results or not, the ideology is clear: speak up against violence on women or, better yet, stop abuse on women.

Well, after all, this is just a social experiment. In reality though, at least according to the YouTube channel, 1 out of 4 women is a victim of domestic violence. That 25% actually is a huge amount provided we are in 2014 where men, women, gays ad lesbians are suppose to be in same level of platform already.

Watch the video here:


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PASUKAN 2014: The Bitter Reality Against PNOY’s Claims

So its this time of the year again when students rush to schools and the parents have to wake up way earlier than their children just to prepare what are needed. But there’s something special about the ‘Pasukan 2014’ that keeps media busy lately. It is the fact how PNOY keeps telling us that there are no more problems or shortage in classrooms, chairs and books when, in reality, there are plethora of significant lapses and needs.




Sure, Filipinos want to hear good news in every president’s State of the Nation Address; but let’s not forget that we only want the truth more than anything else. If PNOY just wants to lure that Filipinos into liking him, that sounds desperate to me.

President Benigno Aquino III keeps boasting that he and his administration have potentially increased the budget for education (not considering other sectors’ sacrifices, though, but we’ll get to that later) and how the lack of teachers, classrooms, chairs and books have decreased by a great number. Yeah right; well, that’s just a big lie. Why’d I say that? Because in reality, the heavenly dream of PNOY in our education system are far from comfort, especially in his term. Read the rest of this entry »

“Planet Earth Is You” Video

A strong video message posted on Facebook last August 3, 2013 still circulates the social network up to this day and has over 3000 likes, 9000 shares and hundreds of comments. “Planet Earth Is You” aims to re-inquire what humans’ role is here on Mother Earth. The 4:43-minute video says that ‘human’ is the worst specie because we attack, destroy and contaminate our surrounding. It also reminds us that this planet doesn’t belong to anyone and that nature – including animals, plants and water and land formations – have been here peacefully “way before us.”


My mom told me that because of these human activities, there will come a day that we will go back to time zero

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A World Without Sex

I’ve met a lot of people in my life who says that they do not, in anyway, discriminate sexes. But unfortunately, down the road, they are quite unaware that they are actually very sexist.


“I kind of like the idea how we

don’t dwell on how imperfect we were born”

There are some things that stayed in my mind that my professors taught. Awkwardly for me because I’m an engineering student, one of the highlights goes like this: there are stuffs in life that are actually accidental, not a car accident or a slip on the floor, but things that you don’t have control to before you were even born; for such, the color of your hair is accident (blonde, brunette, red), the color of your eye, your race and mostly your physical attributes. Yeah, this is in Philosophy class anyway. But what made it stick in my mind even if it was some years ago is that I kind of like the idea how we don’t dwell on how imperfect we were born. That one supposedly minor lesson, I’m due to forget and just remember the formulas, changed a lot to my understandings of the more sensitive topics that we have to think about as a concern human being.

You see, even ‘sex’ – as in either male/female – is just an accident. There are no games that our Creator let your parents play to determine which way you shall go. And in this context it is saddening how this modern day era still pulls off some sexist words or acts that we see on almost daily basis. Read the rest of this entry »

Typhoon Maring Exposes How Weak Philippines Structures Are

Our family has been heavily affected by the typhoon Maring. At 3:00 am last Monday, Aug. 19, 2013, I am supposed to go to a swimming out of town but only for me to realize that flood is slowly evading the insides of our home. First only on the ankle level, then legs and then up to knees and peaked up to my chest. But our home is just within a small town; Philippines is compose of islands. Tuning into the news in the television, you’ll see a whole lot more unfortunate events than what I’ve experienced. Bodies missing, floods over the head, sick children and … structures giving up to the disaster. The latter, for me, is so unbearable to watch, unacceptable. Not that these failure of structures is the only source of tragic but it could have been better if these structures have helped instead of brought more problems.



I’m a Civil Engineering student myself and I should be defending why these structures have failed. But then, people are rational and I don’t think it is rational to defend these Engineers (and politicians?) that made these structures. Read the rest of this entry »

Charice Pempengo: Choice Between Family And Herself

ccIt is very uncomfortable to watch and hear how a mother can both be reassuring and disturbing at the same time. This is probably what Charice Pempengo is struggling right now. She is in the middle of a mental confusion, and gender if you’ll consider it, that can be a result from so many factors. She’s still young, free-spirited and full of ambitions. She once took the Hollywood in awe amazement by her singing prowess and we, Filipinos, believe she still has a long way to travel. Although this gender issue is not just kept inside the rims of their home, it is publicly being televised by many networks; of course with their permissions. Both Charice and her mother, Rachelle Pempengo, have been to numerous interviews already. Does these commercials can help Charice’s career or will it back fire?
Are The Stars Still Reachable?

Charice Pempengo first appeared on US tv at the Ellen de Generes show then at Oprah Winfrey’s. A couple concert cameo performance such on Celine Dion stage and even released an album with her single, Pyramid featuring Iyaz. She also guessed a couple times at a singing drama series, Glee. But shortly, she came back to the Philippines and got some guesting and shows. She was then a woman until she revealed she wasn’t. To be honest, the gender is not the major issue here. Mommy Rachelle’s concern is not primarily on it as well. The main peak of controversy is whether the US television will still want her or not. There’s no point in denying that although some tends to disregard that fact. Will she still be as a legit performer as when she’s a ‘she’? Read the rest of this entry »

SVL X Finals: The World War 3

svl finals 1   There is no doubt that the Shakey’s V-league Season 10 is one of the most hyped league this summer and provingly so, this is one of the more exciting seasons of V-league. A lot of events happened that are so memorable. Aiza Maizo come back is such a huge story and she did not let down her fans even though she gain weight probably because of giving birth; Rachelle Ann Daquis is playing for Ateneo & Coach Gorayeb chose to fight alongside the Eagles rather than his Lady Stags are just some of the animations that filled this season. But as we are nearing the tail end of this conference, an even bigger and hotter things are just about to happen: THE WAR.


Yes, I said it clearly, the finals will be a war between Ateneo Lady Eagles and National U Lady Bulldogs. Both are very confident coming to this series, of course Ateneo finishing the Tigresses in 2-0 Semis while NU manage to escape the equallt hungry Adamson Lady Falcons in a 2-1 series of their own. Going into this Finals, the Bulldogs also bagged all individual awards such as best scorer, spiker, receiver, setter except for the best blocker which is awarded to Maika Ortiz of UST and the still unannounce MVP of the conference. Although those awards will really help boost the team’s confidence, I can corageously say that we can throw all the stats and standings. After all this is finals and not just eliminations. It is very noteworthy to say too that this two teams met during the Quarterfinals and the Bulldogs defeated the Eagles in straight 3 sets.

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5 Adjustments Alaska Needs To Win Against Tim Cone

1And so Game 1 between the SanMig Coffee Mixers and Alaska Aces is in the history book already. The James Yap-lead team won the first of the Best-of-5 series. As coaches will always say in the interview, “Its just game one. There’s still a lot of games.” That’s true but one thing for sure Alaska wouldn’t want to go 2-0 and hope for the heroic end of the series; at least not against a team who is lead by their former head coach.
As a side story, Tim Cone, Mixers’s current coach, is the long time head coach of Alaska. The transfer happened last season and since then, Alaska never won against Tim Cone. I don’t know if its the old and dusty yet effective playbook of Tim Cone the Aces is using all along      that’s causing them hard time winning. One thing’s for sure though, Coach Luigi Trillo, Alaska’s current head coach, is itching already to get that one win.

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The Game Changer: Internet-based Change

Yesterday, I attended for the first time The Game Changers Forum held at Colegio de San Juan de Letran. How did I got invited? On wednesday night, David Guison, a fashion blogger, tweeted about the event which is actually the last day of registration. You have to fill their form and answer the question that goes like this: Which among the latest technology/advocacy you like most. I will not elaborate my answer but it has something to do with seeing the beauty around us in a very busy environment we have. It wasn’t even in my mind when I read their reply on Thursday afternoon that I have been selected as a participant. I am very positive because it is invitational and they only have limited slots. So here goes my experience.

The Game Venue


The venue is at Intramuros, former location of my current school – UST, at Colegio de San Juan de Letran – UST’s sister school. I wasn’t very familiar with the place; it was just my third time to go in that place. Anyway, the school has few students since that was Saturday. The halls are near empty in fact but the students and employees are very kind and welcoming. The hall proper was jam packed with bloggers, students, media and other participants. Half of the hall is filled with Letranites (my theory is that there are few invitees that they let Letranites enter so it won’t look haunted to the speakers). I’m actually shocked by the fact that they give you a small paper with the WiFi’s usernames and passwords. Its kind of weird, I thought. But when I entered, it makes a lot of sense. Almost everyone, if not all, is holding onto their laptop, tablet and smartphones blogging, tweeting, Facebook-ing and taking down notes. I actually went with the flow and bring out my phone and tab. I just wonder how does it feel to be up on stage giving your talk to a bunch of people who are not looking at you but on their touchscreen devices instead. Read the rest of this entry »